Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Phillies Reality TV Connection

This weekend I reported on the latest installment of Survivor's connection to the Phillies with Kyle Kendrick's wife Stephenie Lagrossa donning a Phils cap, and today I bring to you news of former 3rd base coach of the 2008 World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies Steve Smith's appearance on the new season of Amazing Race. Sam Perlozzo replaced Smith this past season, but Steve isn't forgotten. Steve is paired up with his daughter Allison for a race around the world.

Remember when the only thing you heard or saw about the Phils was negative or a passing Will Smith shout out? My how the tides have turned. The Phillies might not be a household name like the Yankees in terms of nationwide appeal, but they're surely working their way up the MLB food chain to media darlings. What's next a Jim Eisenreich reality series on Bravo or a Lenny Dykstra documentary of rags to riches to bankruptcy?

*By the way, Jim Eisenreich spent 4 seasons in Philly batting .324 with a .833 OPS...wow!!!


Preserve Jon said...

Pitchers and Catchers...


Preserve Jon said...

By the way, have you guys seen this?

A little 'Burgh eye candy writing fluff pieces.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

I'd like him to wave him home with his daughter.

That sounds weird.

GM-Carson said...

Ruben Amaro Jr. was quoted as to saying he'd like to keep Ryan Howard with the Phillies "forever". He's already expensive. Just imagine how much he'll demand on the open market; I'm thinking easily $25M per season.

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