Friday, February 26, 2010

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"Phillies Phans sure are inventive bastards."

Schmidt Proclaims Philly's Awesomeness:
"What a place to be playing right now. I feel a kinship to Chase [Utley] and Ryan Howard and the whole crew. It's a great moment in time in Philadelphia baseball."

~Michael Jack Schmidt


furiousBall said...

that artist really drew Schmitty's hat up high on his head

GM-Carson said...

That's because it was containing the notorious white boy fro.

Preserve Jon said...


Preserve Jon said...

Oh, and: "Bringing new meaning to the phrase, 'Go play in traffic.'"

GM-Carson said...

Thanks for the heads up Preserve Jon. Naturally WSBGMs had to get in on that action.

Matty said...

Giving "drinking and driving" a whole new meaning.