Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Jeter/Utley Connection

What do Derek Jeter and Chase Utley have in common aside from being top performers in the game and having been on opposing teams in the last World Series? They both do offseason conditioning with revolutionary trainer Dr. Phil Wagner.

Derek Jeter was losing range at SS and some giddy-up in his step during the 2007 season so he decided to look into strengthening himself differently during the 2008 offseason. His quest to increase his flexibility and longevity in the game brought him to Wagner at Sparta Performance Science in California. Jeter's defense, speed, and hitting has improved since then.

Chase Utley, who admittedly wears down as the season turns from hot summer nights to cool autumn evenings, has enlisted Dr. Wagner's help this offseason as well and hopefully the results will soon become evident-
Wagner sought to increase Utley’s flexibility — and thus his longevity. The more flexible a player is, the more resistant he is to injury – and the more “elastic” and “whippy” his body becomes, Wagner said.

For Utley, the effect could be stronger throws, faster running times and less strain on his surgically repaired right hip when he swings.

Chase Utley is already awesome, how much awesomer can he get? Well, I for one am eager to find out.

*Further evidence that TV Land is pulling for a BoSox vs. Phils 2010 World Series.


Corey said...

how are the results already evident? he hasn't even reported to spring training yet. at least he's not wearing ugly t-shirts wasting his time at MMA fights.

GM-Carson said...

He's shaved off 2 tenths of a second from his 10 yard dash and more than doubled his squat weight.

Corey said...

i guess if a squat competition breaks out in the middle of a baseball game, utley will be prepared.

Bob D said...

I could give a squat, but sounds good for the Phils