Monday, February 22, 2010

Homeless Man & Park

What the hell did Jayson Werth do this offseason? Apparently he decided to save money on housing and personal care items and didn't look in a mirror for 4 months.

*Image courtesy of our homeboy Todd Zolecki @ The Zo Zone.

Parked in NY:
Chan Ho Park came to Philadelphia last season with every intention of winning the battle for the 5th spot in the rotation. He won the job, but unfortunately he didn't really do much winning on the job and therefore was "demoted" to the bullpen. In relief is where he flourished for the rest of the season. That's why Rube asked him to return to the Phillies in 2010 in the same capacity at a rumored 1 year $3.25M. Park passed and remained a free agent until now, signing with the Yankees for a piddling 1 year $1.2M. Should have stayed parked in Philly, silly Chan!


Bob D said...

At his press conference in Korea, Park said he was leaning toward the Cubs until recently, as they were willing to let him battle for a rotation spot. The Yankees' "history and championship contention" won out.

The Type B free agent was not offered arbitration by the Phils, but they did reportedly make a $3.25MM proposal.

A bad choice? hmmmm gave up more money from a team that has been in the playoffs for the last few years for one who finally got there last year and is in a slightly tougher division.

GM-Carson said...

I would love to see Park blasted outta the park in New York. I wanted him back, but he got cocky and really overplayed his hand. Now that he's a Yankee, screw him, hope his ERA is in the 7's.

Preserve Jon said...

J-Dub has been reading his bible and taken up the ascetic life. His new nickname should either be John the Baptist - as in "Howard's on second, and John the Baptist is on first," or the Messiah: "The Messiah rolls into second with a standup double!" I can't wait.

GM-Carson said...

I hope Werth lets it continue to grow at least until Opening Day.

SirAlden said...

Has your HomeBoy ZoZo sent over the three books he sent over for the Fightins' yet?

Silly Goose Chan Ho.

Silly Ruben, you should have
offered him Arbitration. said...

Any reason why Park couldn't of gone back to philly or just a personal choice? This isn't Lee frustrating, just something I don't know God knows we always need back end relief.