Thursday, February 25, 2010


Carson posted a link in the comments section yesterday to a picture of the new and improved David Wright. If you haven't seen it yet, go HERE and check it out.

Dude is jacked up. In less than four months, Wright went from professional baseball player to Lou Ferrigno. In the article, his new physique is attributed to dietary changes and workouts with "more passion." Now, I would never randomly accuse a player of taking steroids, but I'm pretty sure "more passion" is code for "needles in the ass."

Besides PEDs, the only other explanation for Wright's muscular explosion is that he spent the last four months with Ronnie and "The Situation" doing GTL. You know, gym, tan and laundry. And by laundry, I mean needles in the ass.

In completely unrelated news, Major League Baseball plans to begin testing minor league players for HGH. Luckily for Wright, he doesn't play for the Buffalo Bisons.

Fist pump!


GM-Carson said...

I can see it now, WSBGMs will make national headlines for accusing Wright of steroids. Hey, any attention for a blog is good attention right?

Corey said...

i should be careful, if i make too many wild accusations about players taking PEDs i may lose my membership to the BBWAA.

GM-Carson said...

True dat, and that would be a travesty because Mark McGwire would lose one of his precious few votes.

Andrew said...

Speaking of Big Mac, did you check out the ESPN article about his brother? That dude looks nasty!!