Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

WSBGMs were fortunate enough to get our grimy mitts on's Phillies writer Todd Zolecki's new book The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly. We're pleased to report it's longer than 3 pages (we worried that it would be 1 page for each category: The Good- Chase Utely, The Bad- David Bell, The Ugly- Ed Wade). In fact, it clocks in at 218 fun-filled pages for the literate. For the illiterate, there's pictures, so don't stress your stupid little brains. It's a collection of "heart-pounding, jaw-dropping, and gut-wrenching moments from Philadelphia Phillies history".

The book includes Zolecki's "Dream Team" of pitchers and players, an account of major moves made over the years, a section devoted solely to our beloved non-English speaking manager Charlie Manuel, and much more. The forward is written by Larry Andersen radio partner Scott Franzke. Pick up a copy at any fine bookstore, online, or beg Todd for a copy.


furiousBall said...

I tend to pick up books based on the history of somethings on whether or not they cover periods that I'm not that informed. So does this book cover Dick Allen? His contract disputes and general surliness are one of my holes in Phillies knowledge.

SirAlden said...

Tell me why only the Fightin's
are getting free books to give out.

First of all Zo-Zo it should be
The Phightin's, and second of all,
no-one here at WSBGM's is buying your lousy book until you fix this by at least doubling the Fightin's free book count.

What in the hell does meech have on you anyway? "Hey Todd, you know sometimes what happened with that Dominican Transvestite, does not always STAY in the Dominican."

SirAlden said...

Dick "Do not call me Richie" had every right to be surly, I was there. It was racism of the time.

No one ever called Curt Flood surly or uppity.

Dick Allen had the greatest wrists
ever to play the game, I once saw him diving backwards out of the box, almost being hit by a pitch,
and he flicked his wrists and put the pitch in the Upper Deck.

SirAlden said...

That is 6 count them, 6 Copies Todd.

GM-Carson said...

Zolecki hooked Corey and I up with free copies. He's always cool in my book.

SirAlden said...

He is short 3 to your fans.