Sunday, February 21, 2010

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"Gap is bigger than when Moses parted the Red Sea."

The Houston Astros extended nutsack-faced GM Ed Wade through 2012. Guess they expect to stay mediocre, because that's the definition of what Wade has done there so far (166-166 in 2 seasons). Maybe by the end of his tenure there he'll have fielded a team exclusively composted of ex-Phillies has-beens.

Roy Halladay when asked about Johan Santana's proclamation the Santana is the best in the NL East- "No, I steer clear of that. I think it was a Lou Holtz quote, 'Well done is always more important than well said.' I've always tried to take that philosophy. I try to stay out of those things as much as possible."

Brad Lidge on his horrendous 2009 season- "I'm going to burn my '09 shirts and we'll get this over with and move forward from there."

Charlie Manuel on Roy Halladay- "He doesn't talk a whole lot. He kind of smiles. He definitely goes about his business. He comes in, he's always doing something -- he never sits still. If he talks to you, it's very short, and he'll go to the weight room, and if you stand there talking, he'll say I gotta do something, and he'll go out there running or whatever. So far, that's what I've seen of him."

*Quotes courtesy of The Zo Zone.


furiousBall said...

I can't wait for Roy to beat Johan's ass this year.

Bob D said...

Your a Cotton-headed Ninny Muggins!

SirAlden said...

Zo Zo send over those 3 books yet for the likes of Preserve Jon?

das411 said...

so did anyone else see that Inquirer article yesterday about Halladay and how good a role model he is, how Kendrick is following him around all the time, etc etc, and wonder...if they'd gotten Doc instead of Lee while Brett Myers was still around...

GM-Carson said...

Brett Myers role model is anyone with Skoal and Jagermeister.