Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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"The white Emanuel Lewis."

Spring Fever:
Here at WSBGMs we're getting a case of spring fever as we are currently being walloped with a double dose of stifling snow that makes for a scene of a white winter wonderland. Spring Training cannot come soon enough. I know when pitchers and catchers report next week to sunny Florida it's only glorified stretching and conditioning, but it sure beats looking out your window and seeing nothing but hours of shoveling in your immediate future. So bring on the updates of Ryan Howard losing another 15 pounds, Kyle Kendrick's newly developed pitching repertoire, Charlie Manuel's mastery of the English language, Wheels super-dee-dooper hairpiece, or a reoccurring case of Rheal "Frenchy" Cormier's hemorrhoids. I beg of you, anything but another winter storm!