Wednesday, February 03, 2010

2010 Hall of Fame Results

Congratulations to Eric Bruntlett who has been voted in to the WSBGMs Hall of Fame. With 82 total votes (38% of all voters), Bruntlett will join Pat Burrell on the left sidebar for all blogternity.

Here are the other results.

Remaining on the ballot for next year:
Bea Arthur (63 votes, 29%)
Adam Eaton (51, 24%)
Steve Jeltz (47, 21%)
Brett Myers (46, 21%)

Ineligible for future nomination:
David Bell (20, 9%)
Abraham Nunez (30, 14%)
Ed Wade (34, 18%)

The Veterans Committee will meet shortly so there is hope for those that didn't get voted in.

Congratulations Eric Bruntlett.


GM-Carson said...

I'm happy for Brunt.

I'm sad Bea didn't make it though.

I'm thinking the vets committee needs to put Jeltz in.

GM-Carson said...

Phils signed speed demon outfielder Freddy Guzman to a minor league deal. He's played sparingly in the majors, but has racked up tons of stolen bases in the minors. He's nothing more than Iron Pig filler.

Andrew said...

damn, I'm disappointed david bell was snubbed. damn voters.

furiousBall said...

I want an anti-vote to cast so I can snub David Bell for many years to come. That no-hitting waste of money.

SirAlden said...

Triple Play Beardo!

Steve Jeltz has to make it.

Lynn said...

The fact that Bea didn't make it distresses me enormously. It could be very bad karma.