Thursday, January 14, 2010

WSBGMs Hall of Fame - Nominations 2010

It’s WSBGMs Hall of Fame time. As a reminder, here is how it works. Each year, Carson and I will nominate a few people (players, coaches, ballgirlz, etc.) that have had an impact on the blog. We'll put the nominations up for vote. If the person receives a certain percentage of the vote (which we will arbitrarily change every year to suit our needs), then he will be officially enshrined in the Hall of Fame, which will be less of a hall and more of a widget in the sidebar. As for the rules: 1) a person can only be nominated three times 2) a person cannot be currently playing/coaching/working for Phils to be nominated 3) a reader can vote for more than one person but we ask that you only vote once and 4) I reserve the right to make up more rules later.

In the inaugural vote, Pat Burrell was elected, Steve Jeltz, Abe Nunez and David Bell remained on the ballot, but Rick Schu only received a few votes so he is no longer eligible.

So without further adieu, here are this year's nominations, in alphabetical order.

Bea Arthur - A long shot to get elected, Bea can smile in Heaven at being the first non-baseball person nominated. She and the rest of the “Golden Girls” helped the Phils to an extended winning streak early in the 2009 season. She made such an impact on the team and this blog that she was given a place next to Bowa and Wade in the banner image. Props to Bea.

David Bell - Oh God, did we hate David Bell. Most of the first year of this blog was spent pointing out all the negative aspects of David Bell's game. Our hate was complete...and completely out of proportion to his play. He wasn't that bad and suffered from injuries that hurt his numbers, but we weren't about to give him the benefit of the doubt or let facts get in the way of some good complaining. Carson once wrote, "If you like David Bell, then you might like Coldplay and gerbling." That pretty much sums it up.

Eric Bruntlett - Is there any other place on the internet that celebrates failure that way we do? We spend at least half of our time complaining about the worst players on the team and in the last two years, that player was Eric Bruntlett. Besides scoring the winning run in the World Series and turning and unassisted triple play, he didn't do anything noteworthy. He didn't get arrested. He didn't cause problems for the team with a poor attitude. He didn't say crazy things to the media. It seems he just went about his business like a professional ballplayer should. He just sucked at actually playing baseball and I'm estimating we got at least 50 blog posts dedicated to that fact alone. So, thanks for that Eric Bruntlett, here's your nomination. Oh yeah, and he had a pretty cool beard that made it into our title banner.

Adam Eaton -The Phillies drafted Eaton 11th overall in 1996. I wish their association with his failures ended there, but sadly he returned to the Phillies in 2007. The Phillies paid Eaton about $24 million and in turn he posted a 14-18 record with a 6.10 ERA. He became the most hated pitcher on this blog (I think Carson even fantasized about beating him up in a parking garage...) and forever will be the standard bearer for disappointing pitching performances. Of course, it also didn't help Eaton's case here that he often didn't think he was pitching that bad, denying his supreme shittyness to the end. When he mercifully left Philadelphia he had this to say, "Granted, there were a lot of horrible games in there, but there were some good ones, too." No, Adam, there weren't, that's why you're getting a HoF nomination.

Steve Jeltz - Jeltz is not just another jheri-curled, light-hitting middle infielder, he is the embodiment of the Phillies that Carson and I grew up watching. Sure, Mike Schmidt was the face of the franchise, but Mike Schmidt was good. Hell, he was great. The Phillies were not, however. They sucked. But we loved them anyway. So when I think of the Phils of the late 80's and early 90's, I think of Juan Samuel's unorthodox throws to first, Von Hayes' batter's box spanning stance, and Rich Schu's mustache. I think of Steve Jeltz's jheri curl. So, when we decided to create an outlet for our 25 years of Phillies frustration, naturally the first player pictured was Steve Jeltz. And ever since, he's been our go-to guy.

Brett Myers – Here is a rough timeline of Brett’s career with the Phillies - #1 draft pick who was a good starter, then he became a reliever, he got kind of fat, then he asked somebody how to spell “retard,” then he beat his wife in Boston, at some point he pitched the last inning of a playoff clinching game, then he became a starter again, he became less fat, also at some point he got a horrible tattoo on his wrist, then he hurt is hip and finally he became a free agent. I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty HoF worthy to me.

Abraham Nunez - When we weren't complaining about David Bell, we were complaining about Abe "No-hit" Nunez. The argument against Nunez was simple: he was never any good, the Phils gave him too much money, he was the worst hitter in all of baseball, and yet he continued to get playing time. I'm getting angry just reminiscing about Nunez.

Ed Wade – Wade, along with fellow incompetent Keystone state GM Cam Bonifay, was the primary inspiration for starting this blog. Due to his epic failings, and despite his absence, he continues to be a frequent topic. He remains the model of GM ineptitude that WSBGMs strives to rage against. An inspiration. A failure. A WSBGMs HoF nominee.

The poll is located on the right sidebar towards the top. Remember, you can vote for more than one player. Winners will be announced later, whenever I decide enough votes are in, the hanging chads are pulled, and I get time to make the sidebar widget for the winner.

Thanks for voting.


Rich Baxter said...

Bea has made a number of appearances in this blog, she is quickly becoming a status quo here!

But my nomination goes to Ed Wade for continuing to hire all the Phillies that have been cast away but have been able to find work in Houston!

Go Ed Wade!

GM-Carson said...

Bea is definitely getting my vote since we can vote for more than one. Jeltz and Bruntlett are getting one thrown their way too.

GM-Carson said...

You know, I never noticed before, but Charles Fuqua Manuel is appears in our header 3 times. Much love for Chuck.

Corey said...

eaton and myers got my vote.

furiousBall said...

I'm going with brett "hey y'all i gots a tramp stamp on his wrist" myers

Joseph said...

what if myers signs back with the phils after nexrt year? He will then be a current phillie in the HoF

ripjgarcia said...

Surprised to not see Ed Wade getting more votes, but like Rich said, he still is the GM of the Phillies de facto.

GM-Carson said...

I'm bout to start a campaign for Bea's induction!

SirAlden said...

Jeltz and his Gerry Curls, has to be the pick.

Philly Phutility at it's best
during the '90s - while The Gang of Four (the owners) sold companies that made them BILLIONS of Dollars, and refused to invest a penny of it in the Franchise.

OH! GUESS WHAT! They are still refusing to put any money back
into the Franchise that has grown
oveo 500 Million dollars over their original investment - See LEE Trade.

GM-Carson said...

Amaro maintains that Lee wasn't a salary dump, rather a prospect replenishment.

Bob D said...

Bea gets my vote along with Eric the Brunt. David Bell I hate so much that no vote there.

Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Good blog.

Amanda said...

Bea gets my vote. Eaton next.

8008 WFC's said...

For sheer volume of space AND venom spilled, I've got to vote for the trifecta of Eaton to win, Brunt to place, and no-hit Nunez to show

BenJah said...

you know i'm voting for brett myers. i was in attendance at the vet for his debut, and i remember there were banners all across the 700 level for fans trying to start his club, vis a vis "the wolf pack" or "the padilla flotilla." the most phrophetic might have been "the quag-myers"

i also voted for ed wade, because....well, just because.

bruntlett shouldn't be voted in b/c his impact is just not great enough, even though his suckitude might be.