Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Victorino Avatar

Thanks to James Cameron and the people of McDonald's' that allowed me to use the software to create a Shane Victorino avatar. He looks like he could have played the lead.

Durbin Signs:
Chad Durbin became the first Phillie this offseason to sign and avoid arbitration. Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton, and Carlos Ruiz still have to go down that path. Durbin signed for $2.125 for the 2010 season. He's been a workhorse in the bullpen over the past 2 seasons, but the Phils are going to need him to put up numbers closer to his '08 season (2.87 ERA/1.32 WHIP) as opposed to last year (4.39/1.48) because of the lack of depth and health currently in relief.


furiousBall said...

I don't know why but seeing that pic of Durbin gave me my first worries about the bullpen for '10

Andrew said...

say what?


GM-Carson said...

Yeah, apparently Amaro thought it would be a good idea to sign Brandon Duckworth and Jason Standridge to minor league deals. Why? I have no idea. Standridge has always sucked, and Duckworth hasn't been good since...well, he never really was good either.

Andrew said...

gonna assume its just minor league filler

Bob D said...

yes, both are just for the minor leagues. And even if there are injuries both are not likely to be the first called unless they are hot or others (Savery, Aumont, Carpenter, etc..) are not available.

GM-Carson said...

I'm actually a big fan of minor league signings, that's how dorky I am when it comes to baseball. But Standridge and Duckworth suck, and I see absolutely no upside bringing them into the organization. Now, earlier in the offseason DeWayne Wise, Paul Hoover, and Valdez were sign as minor league filler and that's smart, because they could actually help fill a void for a 15-day stint on the DL to one our regulars, but Duckworth...c'mon?!

GM-Carson said...

From the Zo Zone:
Here are the salary arbitration figures exchanged today:

Shane Victorino
Phillies offering $4.75 million.
Victorino asking for $5.8 million.

Joe Blanton
Phillies offering $7.5 million.
Blanton asking for $10.25 million.

Carlos Ruiz
Phillies offering $1.7 million.
Ruiz asking for $2.5 million.

*I see Chooch and Vic settling at a midpoint. Blanton is fricken nuts requesting that much though.