Friday, January 08, 2010

So Long Scott

When Scott Eyre first came to the Phillies I thought he'd simply be another reliever in the lineage of mediocrity of Phillies lore. My exact synopsis of the trade- "Eyre can be very good at times and very bad at others, but he's worth a shot." Corey even featured him in a Thirsty Thursday segment, comparing him to St. Ides Malt Liquor. Neither of us expected him to become a crucial member of the Phillies bullpen that would help lead them to back-to-back World Series appearances. During his 2 seasons in Philly he pitched outstandingly, posting a 1.62 ERA and 5-1 record with nearly a strikeout per inning pitched. In fact Scott has the lowest ERA for a Phillies pitcher with a minimum of 50 games...not too shabby. Eyre had elbow problems this past season that landed him on the DL and required offseason surgery. Rather than accept a minor league deal and fight for a roster spot, he felt it was time to put his focus on his family and step away from the game after 13 MLB seasons.

Today We Should Be GMs salutes Scott Eyre. Happy retirement and thanks for the memories pal.


Andrew said...

I liked the guy a lot when he was a Cub from a fantasy baseball perspective. Then I was pleased to hear we signed him. All-in-all, he was way more than expected and he will be missed. Good for him to make the decision to go out on top instead of piddling around the league for a few more years getting worse.

GM-Carson said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Eyre's postseason blog. He seemed to have a genuine zeal for the game and love being with his teammates and helping them succeed. All around quality guy.

Preserve Jon said...

He will be missed. I agree with both Andrew and Carson. Not much more to add, other than a passing comment about the raucus goatee he arrived with from Chicago. Seriously, was he hiding food in there?

furiousBall said...

good pitcher, great dude

BenJah said...

espn says brett myers signed with the ass-throws. despite the shenanigans, i wanted him back.

does him officially being gone put him in line for the wsbgm's hof?

GM-Carson said...

BenJah- Corey is currently drafting this year's WSBGMs Hall of FAme, and I've had a sneak peak, and I can tell you Brett Myers is indeed on the ballot. That's all I'm giving away for now. I imagine it'll be posted next week and voting will begin.

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