Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Name That Player #17

Andrew - 5
Preserve Jon - 3
Joseph - 2
ROY - 2
Mike The Mac Guy - 1
Jstocksazag12 - 1
SJPhilsFan - 1
Utility Derek - 1
This former All-Star played 10 MLB seasons for 8 different teams. His most successful stint was with the Phillies. He's tied to one of the most lopsided trades in MLB history. He has more career rbi than hits. He hails from Jamaica.

Go ahead, name that player.


Roy said...

Heathcliff Slocumb?

GM-Carson said...

Seriously? Son of a biscuit! Yes, it's f'n Heathcliff "the Big Red Dog" Slocumb.

Roy said...

Clever ploy saying he hails from Jamaica!

That got me caught up for a few minutes.

Bob D said...

Wow, more RBI's than hits. OK

How about Amaro saying today that they are talking Multi-year contracts with Victorino (smart), Ruiz (not necessary yet but smart), and Blanton (Why?). Victorino and Ruiz would likely be 3year deals which would lock the Phils in with salary which helps them plan for the future. The Blanton deal would likely be for 2 years. But what would he get per year? being a pitcher who likely will win 50% of the time with an ERA of 4ish and usually pitch 6 innings then maybe $5mil but $7mil and up??? come on. for that much money he should be a top pitcher. Now Blanton has shown signs of being a good pitchers the last two years, but they were both during the 2nd half of the season. If he gets that much money he better put it together from spring training on and not have an ERA of 7+ in June again.

Caleb said...

Careful now. That's a different ROY. You can go back to calling me Caleb if you want. Caleb has 2 and this new Roy has one.

GM-Carson said...

Damn, this is getting confusing.

furiousBall said...

that my fine friends is none other than Geoffrey Owens, better known as Elvin Tibideaux of the Cosby Show.