Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Name That Player #14

Andrew - 4
Preserve Jon - 3
Joseph - 2
Mike The Mac Guy - 1
Jstocksazag12 - 1
ROY - 1
SJPhilsFan - 1

Name That Player!


Klub1016 said...

What's up Phils phans, I'm Rick Bosetti, nice to meet ya!

jstocksazag12 said...

wow i was just about to post bosetti

Corey said...

the one, the only, rick bosetti.

GM-Carson said...

I never even heard of that dude.

ripjgarcia said...

The Rick Bosetti story. For anyone who might be even slightly interested.

GM-Carson said...

Thanks Garcia, that link was worth the read. That's funny that Bosetti pissed in the outfield of parks he played in. Makes me wonder what all type of funny/weird stuff ball players do to amuse themselves.

Anonymous said...

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