Thursday, December 31, 2009

Worst Team Of The Decade - Pitchers

Gavin Floyd – The Phils made a huge mistake when they traded Gavin Floyd to Chicago for Freddy Garcia. Garcia was a flop and Floyd has been great since joining the White Sox. Floyd was only in his early twenties when he was starting for the Phils and it was obviously way too early to give up on Floyd. But the fact remains, he was freaking awful. In his last two years in Philly, he posted an 8.18 ERA over 15 starts.

Paul Abbot - Remember the old Phillies management that wouldn't spend any money? Paul Abbot was one of the last mistakes of that era. The 2004 Phillies weren't bad. Bowa had turned the lovable losers into winners. But when the Phils came upon some hard times due to injuries, the club decided the best option was to give Paul Abbott ten starts. It was bad. 1-6. 6.24 ERA. Ten brutal, brutal starts.

Adam Eaton – Eaton wasn’t a bad pitcher with the Padres. He wasn’t great but in the steroid era, a 5th starter that can throw 200 innings and keep his ERA in the low to mid 4’s is worth something. Not $24 million though, which is what the Phils gave Eaton, even though the only managed 65 innings and a 5.12 ERA the previous season. He was never going to live up to that salary. Unfortunately for all of us, he didn’t even come close. His Phillies ERA ended up at 6.10. He may have been the Phillies’ biggest waste of money this decade.

Freddy Garcia - The Phils gave up Gavin Floyd and Gio Gonzalez. They paid him millions. He gave us eleven starts, a 1-5 record and a 5.90 ERA.

Ryan Madson - Forget his recent work as a reliever. Do you remember his time as a starter? I do. Specifically, I remember driving down to Philadelphia on a weeknight from Hershey only to see Madson give up nine runs in one inning of work against the Nationals. My buddy and I sat for four or five innings just so I could sober up to drive home. He makes the list on that start alone.

Turk Wendell - The Phillies didn't give up much to get Wendell (Adam Walker, Bruce Chen), it's more that when Turk got to the Phils, he ruined the team's chances of making the playoffs. Somehow, everyone in the organization was oblivious to the fact that his elbow was practically falling off and he got in 21 games to the tune of a 7.47 ERA. He would brush his teeth between innings. No one thought of replacing the tooth paste with cyanide or dog shit?

Jeff Brantley – Brantley was just another in the long line of quality pitchers who came to Philadelphia at the end of their careers only to pitch so badly they are forced to retire. Nobody remembers these players with the Phillies. Most baseball fans would remember Brantley as a Giants All Star or as a dominant closer with the Reds. Not me. I remember Brantley for being one of the worst “closers” in Phillies history. Brantley locked down 23 saves in 2000, but did so with a 5.86 ERA. Everyone knew Brantley was going to suck that season, too. He sucked the season before so much that he had to take a $2.3 million dollar pay cut from the previous season. He wasn’t going to get better. Classic Phillies.

Mike Williams – He was bad in the early 90’s, but he’s on this list because of 2003. After a stay with the Pirates where he saved over one hundred games the Phillies were sure they weren’t acquiring the batting practice pitcher that they released years earlier. Sure, he had an ERA over six with the Buccos, but no way would he be that bad with the Phillies. Right? Wrong. Williams was horrible. He posted a 5.96 ERA and 1.68 WHIP in only 28 games.

Tim Worrell - Worrell pitched for a few teams (SD, Det, Oak, Cle, Bal, Chi) before stringing together a few good years with SF. He parlayed that into a 2 year, $6 mil deal with the Phils. He had an "okay" 2004 setting up for The Rat, but he is most remembered for his meltdown the following year. After limping to a ERA over 7, he went on the DL for "personal psychological issues." The Phils eventually released Worrell, only to have him post a 2.27 ERA over 32 relief appearances with Arizona later in the season

Arthur Rhodes – The season before Arthur pitched for the Phillies he posted a 2.08 ERA. The season after pitching for the Phillies he posted a 2.04 ERA. With the Phillies? 5.32. It sucks to watch something like that happen as a fan, but just imagine how it must feel to the GM who signed him. I should be a GM, but it’s situations like this that make me thankful I’m not. If I gave $3.75 million to a great reliever only to watch him completely fail, then return to dominance after he leaves , I would jump off a bridge…with said reliever attached to me in some fashion.


GM-Carson said...

Bad pitching for some reason bothers me more than bad hitting, so this list really just pissed me off.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Honorable mention: Ugueth Urbina. The Phils gave up Placido Polanco to get a guy who gave up a ton of home runs and then lit people on fire and attacked them with a machete.

Of course, I blame it all on David Bell, but still.

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Franklin was pretty f'n bad too.

Andrew said...

agreed. I vote to have Franklin added.

GM-Carson said...

Phils signed minor league slugging journeyman Tagg Bozied.

GM-Carson said...

Danys Baez gets 2 years from the Phils. I just don't get it. It's probably for roughly $3M per season too, ridiculous. I like what Amaro does sometimes, and am totally perplexed at others. There are better relievers available.

Andrew said...

Tagg. Nice name.

Go ahead and pre-emptively add Baez to your list for the next decade...

Bill said...

What about Andy Ashby? That signing was supposed to take us over the top in 2000. Instead it cost Terry Francona his job and sent Curt Schilling packing.

His numbers weren't terrible but I would love to see Jon Lieber up there too.

SirAlden said...

Two Words you missed.

Joe Table.

SirAlden said...

Danys Baez was injured during 2008.

Go take a look on Baseball Ref,
at his 2009 stats.

There are very good.

Bob D said...

Baez for the next list? ERA's in the 5's & 6's the last 2 years. Sounds like Mike Williams line from the Pirates years ago. Repeating their mistakes all over again.
Joe Table should've been included, despite many saves he was pretty bad.

GM-Carson said...

As much as we all love to hate on Jose Mesa, he wasn't all bad.

Andrew said...

Mesa was actually decent. Ashby sucked. Lieber started good then sucked. Baez apparently is a great clubhouse guy, but still is going to suck.

Maroussia said...

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