Thursday, December 10, 2009

Say Hello to a Future Roster Casualty

Today on the final day of the MLB Winter Meetings the Phillies selected some dude from the Angels organization in the Rule 5 Draft. Some dude is named Ken Herndon, who also goes by David Herndon in some circles. He's a tall (6'5") righthanded pitcher that has experienced some success in relief after faltering in A-ball while starting. The 24 year old hasn't pitched above Double-A and has a minor league line of: 26-23, 3.78 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 28 sv, and 224 k's in 387.2 ip. He was drafted 3 times (Royals in '04, Twins in '05, and Angels in '06), so there might be some upside to him. Snippet scouting report from Baseball America says, "Good control in Double-A for sinker-slider righthander, who also throws a splitter." Realistically, this guy stands no chance of cracking the 25-man roster in the spring, and for now is merely a warm body on the 40-man roster.

Past Rule 5 Draft flunkies- Robert Mosebach, Travis Blackley, Lincoln Holdzkom, Adam Donachie, Jim Ed Warden, and Ryan Budde...bunch of all-stars there right? In fact, the last successful Rule 5 draftee the Phils had was Shane Victorino in 2004, and even he didn't make the Opening Day roster.

Other News:
*Roy Halladay remains a possibility for the Phils, with trade pieces including some combination of JA Happ, Dominic Brown, Michael Taylor, and even Cole Hamels. Joe Blanton would also presumably need to be moved in order to clear salary. I'll believe all this when it happens, and it probably won't.

*John Smoltz is being targeted as a back of the bullpen arm for the Phightins and has said he doesn't have a problem with the Brick Cit House (contrary to previous quotes).

*Phils are kicking the tires of veteran lefty reliever Ron Mahay and groundball inducing starting pitcher Jason Marquis.


Dr. Steve said...

In other news: Phillies looking to fail in the offseason to make the trade deadline more interesting, and needlessly trade draft picks.

GM-Carson said...

Ed Wade loves getting ex-Phils. Pedro Feliz supposedly close to a 1 year $4M deal with Houston.

Andrew said...

Was hoping Pete Happy came down here to Baltimore so I could continue seeing his effortless diving catches, but oh well. Astros suck

SirAlden said...


Does anybody really think (Ruben Amaro) he's going to let Halladay -- the best pitcher in baseball who likes the idea of training in his backyard -- be traded without the Phillies making a bold offer?

The Phillies can give Toronto enough talent back and they can give Halladay everything he wants: the chance to pitch for an established perennial contender, eight more weeks every year at home, NL lineups to carve up after all those years in the rugged AL, a devoted fan base and a monster contract extension. There's only one thing they can't give Halladay: his uniform number. Number 32 was retired to honor Hall of Fame Phillies pitcher Steve Carlton.

Bob D said...

The rumor is that Hamels may be included in the Halladay trade to replace Happ likely. Then one of the top OF prospects would be included. The Phils may do this if they can work out a contract extension as would Halladay wish to as well. If this worked out, then it may just be worth it.

The Phils are also looking at RP Smoltz, Putz, Dotel and SP Smoltz and Marquis. Blanton maybe traded in an effort to free up salary - but I dont see how that will really help since they will bring in someone possibly just as expensive to replace him. But he could possibly bring someone to fill the pen in and also could be used to bring a prospect who maybe turned for the Halladay deal or be placed in the minors if its an infield prospect.

So a rotation of Lee, Halladay, Hamels/Happ, Blanton (if still around), Kendrick/Moyer/Drabek? Not too bad. Drabek may just end up on the team all year if they run out of SP and Kendrick has bad spring and Moyer is not ready.

Amaro has shown he will make a splash if he can in the past and thats what he would likely do if he can work it out this year. But my guess is Halladay does not get traded yet.

Preserve Jon said...

Respect, national media style:

Did anyone ever think they'd read something like this about our Fightins?