Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ross Gload a Phillie

Ruben Amaro Jr. wasted no time this offseason bolstering the bench with 3 players that fit the exact mold of what the Phillies needed. Juan Castro was first aboard as the utility infielder, then followed Brian Schneider at backup catcher, and now rounding out the final open reserve role will be 1st baseman/corner outfielder Ross Gload. The bench now consists of the three players named above with Greg Dobbs and Ben Francisco.

Gload, who will turn 34 close to Opening Day, is a veteran of 8 MLB seasons playing for the Cubs, Rockies, White Sox, Royals, and most recently the Marlins. The left-handed batter has a career line of- .283/.736 with 176 r, 77 2b, 28 hr, and 192 rbi in 608 games. I know this once again makes the Phils bench lean to the left (Schneider and Dobbs also LH), but Gloads has a better career average against lefties (.298) than righties (.279). His addition to the squad makes sense because he's a proven role player and has done a decent job of it during his career. The Phils would have likely gone with strikeout happy John Mayberry Jr. for the final bench spot had they not signed Gload, and Gload's .300 lifetime batting average as a pinch hitter gives me more comfort than Mayberry's 40% strikeout rate.

Winter Meeting Rumors:

*The Phillies have extended offers to Chan Ho Park and Scott Eyre, but they seem to be less that thrilled by the proposal and signing does not seem imminent.

*Brandon Lyon fits the mold of set-up man with closing experience, but may be out of the Phils self-imposed price range.

*Joe Blanton is supposedly on the trade market. This makes no sense to me unless the Phils plan on bringing in someone better. Currently, Blanton is the only righty in the rotation and has been consistent pitcher over his career. The stories have him being traded to clear room (salary wise) for an established bullpen arm. Why in the hell are the Phillies clearing payroll? They are one of the most lucrative franchises in the MLB. I'm not saying they should spend like the Yankees, but if they don't put a quality rotation on the field that helps garner a 4th straight playoff appearance, then they'll lose more money by fans not showing up to the ballpark, buying merchandise, and tv revenue then they would by giving Blanton a couple extra million for one last season.


GM-Carson said...

Just read the Gload deal is for 2 years (I wish it were 1), but no money reported yet.

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GM-Carson said...

Just read why trading Joe Blanton would make sense...the Phils are still in on Roy Halladay. Give me Halladay!!!

Matty said...

Until Blanton actually leaves, it's just that. Rumors. Being the only rightie in the starting rotation, they have to have something up their sleeve if they are actually planning on getting rid of him. If not, then they are just rumors.

Dr. Steve said...

look - Brandon Lyon is someone the Phillies should sign. They need a TON of new bullpen arms, I don't care what they think. I want to dump Madson - too unreliable. I want to dump Lidge - shitstorm. I want new blood. I want healthy people. I want some another lefty (for a total of three.)

I want two right handers in the rotation. I am very happy with the Polanco signing (wish he never left) but I am distraught that the Phillies seem so reluctant to truly upgrade their bullpen. DO IT. DO IT.

Hallady is fine. I mean, he'd be great to have. I just don't know what we'd have to give up. And... if we have to give up a lot to get him... WHY DIDN'T WE GET HIM AT THE DEADLINE TOO

GM-Carson said...

I could still see Pedro Martinez return on an incentive laden deal. Especially because Moyer is far from a sure thing to be healthy next season, and even if healthy, he may not be any good. Kyle Kendrick is the only other real option at this point...and how real is that?

Lidge and Romero likely won't be ready to begin the season. Both of their injuries scare me, plus Lidge went all mental last season too.

Lyon makes sense, give him 3 years $15M and call it a day.

Preserve Jon said...

I think we're on the verge of many, many semi-pornographic references by bloggers concerning the acquisition of Ross Gload. Exciting times1

GM-Carson said...

Damn, I'm outta the loop. How does Gload lead to pornographic references exactly?

GM-Carson said...

Ron Mahay and Phils have mutual interest in each other. He's an old lefty, but he can still pitch.

Preserve Jon said...

Phils blow their Gload on Ross!

SirAlden said...

Gload is a solid guy.

Thank you Matt Stairs,
the World Turns.

Halladay + Pedro - Blanton = Doable.

GM-Carson said...

Lyon got the 3 yr $15M deal I proposed, just from the Astros not the Phils.

Jason Marquis linked to Phils. Don't want him, too expensive.

Phils are favorites for Halladay. From MLBTR- Ken Rosenthal of says that the Angels and Phillies have emerged as the frontrunners in the Roy Halladay sweepstakes. Philadelphia is prepared to offer a package that will likely include J.A. Happ, plus either Michael Taylor or Domonic Brown. Echoing a report from yesterday, Rosenthal says the Angels offered Joe Saunders, Erick Aybar, and Peter Bourjos to the Blue Jays.

Halladay will likely require a contract extension in exchange for waiving his no-trade clause according to Rosenthal, and the Phillies would almost certainly have to make another move to fit Halladay into the payroll. Joe Blanton is a prime candidate to be that sacrificial lamb. Meanwhile, the Angels are trying to re-sign John Lackey, and could withdraw from the Halladay pursuit if he returns.

That would mean minus Happ and Blanton, plus Halladay. Still leaves the Phils a starter or two short.

Dr. Steve said...


Andrew said...

would be shocked to see the Phils trade for Halladay. especially with his impending free agency. would just be a bad deal

GM-Carson said...

I think the Phils would try to sign Halladay to an extension before the trade becomes official. The Jays have agreed to allow that window for that to happen.

Andrew said...

I've always been more excited by and impressed with homegrown talent. So I'd prefer to keep our minor leaguers and Happ and allow them to possibly develop into lifetime Phillies then to sell the farm for Halladay. Especially when we shipped a bunch away for Cliff Lee already. After two big trades within 6 months, along with being a winning team with low draft picks, could quickly deplete the system

Andrew said...

Forgot Lee is also an impending free agent, so that (with Werth also) would be at least 3 fairly hefty long-term contracts that would need to be worked out this year. Probably not going to happen

GM-Carson said...

The Phils already have one of the top payrolls in baseball and if they plan on keeping the core around it's only going to get more expensive. Alot of guys are only signed through 2010-2011. Of course they're well into their 30's by then and some may not be brought back for the likely high asking price.

Players like Drabek, Brown, Taylor, Savery, Escalona, Bastardo, and Gose need to start being worked into the fold in the next couple seasons so that Phils gain a bit of payroll flexibilty and are not left with a team of rookies in 2012.