Monday, December 28, 2009

The Pirates Off Season Recap

We haven't been talking much about the Buccos this offseason. This recap will tell you why.

- Infielder Bobby Crosby was signed. In six season, Crosby has hit above .239 once and that was five years ago. He also does't play much shortstop any more. Therefore, he's a .230 hitting corner infielder. How does a player like that get signed?
- Infielder Ronny Cedano was signed and thus avoided arbitration. Who cares.
- Left-handed reliefver Javier Lopez was signed. Lopez stuggled with Boston last year but has has major league success. The obvious goal is for Lopez to pitch effectively so the Buccos can flip him to a contender in July for a minor league player that will never be successful.
- Left-handed reliever Jack Taschner was signed. Taschner is quite bad. He will fit right in to the Buccos bullpen. Phucco.
- The Pirates have shown interest in relievers Octavio Dotel and Kevin Gregg. Neither will be signed.
- The Pirates sent a scout to watch Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman throw. No one knows why the Pirate scout was there. He may have thought he was attending another Indian game show.
- The Pirates let Matt Capps go for nothing. They could have offered him arbitration and then traded him. But instead, they just let him walk. Neal Huntington made some bullshit excuse that didn't make any sense.

There you go Pirate fans. Hope all of you are as excited about 2010 Pirates baseball as I am.


Andrew said...

What a useless franchise... Speaking of useless franchises, what do you think of the gNats offseason? Matt Capps, Eddie Guardado, Jason Marquis, Pudge, and maybe more to come. Not exactly intimidating since still only Zimmerman and Guzman can hit. But still, the Capps signing shows some toughness being added to a previously useless bullpen. And the Pudge and Marquis signing show some veteran help to mature a young pitching staff. I still think its nothing to be concerned about from the Phillies perspective.

Andrew said...

ok, I officially retract any concern about anything with the gNats:

GM-Carson said...

hahahaha, Bruntlett with gNats. Idiots. Why?

Andrew said...

seriously, it doesn't make any sense. but good job to Bruntlett convincing someone he was worth a paycheck

Bob D said...

Bruntlett at Gnat? wow, maybe a beanball to the head is called for - not by a Phillie pitcher but by a fan. LOL

Sad state the Pirates are in. They dont keep thier good players (Bay, McClouth, Capps, etc....) and dont get anything much in return for them. Bad GM'ing. I dont care if they have a payroll. Its a team that would be great to root for if they could trade thier crappy older players for actual prospects and develope and hold onto thier good players. They are at a point that it will take them 5 years to build a contender but at this point they have no plan. So they will lose for what? the 16th straight year or whatever it is?

Rob said...

lol great in the original post