Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Phantastic Phour

Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Roy Halladay, and Cole Hamels compose the Philadelphia Phillies Phantastic Phour. Over the past 4 season these 4 players have dominated the competition in their respective paths. Howard & Utley are prolific producers while Halladay & Hamels are pitching perfection. The following is a list where each player has ranked in Major League Baseball over the past 4 years.

1st- Ryan Howard 198
18th- Chase Utley 118


1st- Ryan Howard 572
17th- Chase Utley 402

2nd- Chase Utley 460
14th- Ryan Howard 408

5th- Ryan Howard .967
15th- Chase Utley .924

1st- Roy Halladay 69
27th- Cole Hamels 48

1st- Roy Halladay 930.1
32nd- Cole Hamels 736.2


4th- Roy Halladay 2.90
17th- Cole Hamels 3.67


2nd- Roy Halladay 1.13
7th- Cole Hamels 1.18

12th- Cole Hamels 686
13th- Roy Halladay 685


Andrew said...

hamels has a great rack

Kevin McGuire said...

Awesome stuff. I like it!

GM-Carson said...

Hamels is quite busty. Just imagine how his #'s would be if he didn't crap the bed last year.

GM-Carson said...

Update- Ross Gload's contract is 2 yr $2.6M. He's a good bench guy, and that's the going rate nowadays.

Andrew said...

Whether its Halladay or Lee in the lineup doesn't matter. The success of the Phillies in 2010 will all come down to Hamels rediscovering his 2008 form. (also no team injuries, but that goes without saying)

Andrew said...

I was just thinking of who are now our go-to minor league pitchers in case of an injury or as Sept Callups (with Drabek and Carrasco gone)...

Mathieson (will he be healthy and a surprise ace?)
and the new guy, Aumont?

Who's the best?

GM-Carson said...

Bastardo, Escalona, and Mathieson all have a decent chance of cracking the bullpen out of spring training, especially with the injuries to Lidge and JC.

Kendrick will likely be the 5th starter to begin the season, because I foresee Moyer's rehab going slowly and not being ready in April. Carpenter would be next in line.

Dr. Steve said...

This Chapman guy is someone the Phillies should sign to replenish our near-promoted farm system prospects. I don't care the cost.

Andrew said...

minor leaguer fails physical. who could it be??? interesting hitch.

Andrew said...

nevermind, deal is finalized

SirAlden said...

Upgrades over 2009:

Castro over Bruntlett
Schneider over Bako
Gload over Stairs
Polanco over Feliz

Bounce backs hoped for:
Hamels over Hamels
Dobbs over Dobbs
2nd half Ibanez over 2nd half Ibanez

Boy oh Boy the Bullpen is a mess.

Andrew said...

Focus on getting Rodney or Smoltz now to bolster the pen. And hopefully convince Park he's a reliever and re-sign him. Then begin pursuit of 2010 WFC

GM-Carson said...

The bullpen remains a huge concern. That's why Rube is hunting Smoltz and Rodney.

GM-Carson said...

Reason Halladay agreed to the extension, when he could have likely demanded $23M+ in free agency, is that he "wanted to be here". Here = Philadelphia. He's awesome.

SirAlden said...

This signing may also help us
re-signing Werth and Howard down the road.

Bob D said...

Isn't Werth a free agent after this next year? If so the team will likely hope Brown or Gillie are ML ready and give them a shot to start or play along with Franscisco possibly. I like Werth alot, but I see them doing this or moving Ibanez.

I'm not really impressed with Castro as the b/u IF but Schneider, Gload, and Polanco are all a significant improvement.

Other possible starters are: Kendrick, Carpenter, Savery, or Bastado. I expect Bastardo, Bisneuis or Escalona to take a bullpen spot as lefty to replace Eyre. Mathieson will likely replace Condrey but he could be dominate as he has great stuff. And Aumont will likely only be a September callup as he is a bit further away.

Aaron said...

All right Philly more crying over Lee or prospects!

Roy Halladay is in our rotation for the next 4 or 5 years and that is Fucking Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!



Andrew said...

can't wait to see Roy swing a bat. Maybe he'll go Joe Blanton all over the fastballs.

GM-Carson said...

The only thing Cliff Lee has over Roy Halladay is hitting prowess. I'll take the smaller ERA and more wins though.