Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Offseason Rant #2

My first rant addressed the lunacy and hypocrisy of the “sacrifice fly.” After I was done I thought of a few more rules that I don’t like...again, besides the stupid DH.

Why doesn’t a batter get an RBI if he hits into a double play? The run still scores as a direct result of the batter hitting the ball and I’m pretty sure that is the definition of a “run batted in.” I understand not getting an RBI due to an error because you can theorize that the run resulted more from the error than the hit. But that logic can’t be transferred to the double play. The run isn’t a result of the double play. It isn’t because the defense chose the double play over getting the runner out at home? That makes no sense and a batter can get an RBI for other plays officially scored “fielder’s choice.” Is it because two outs are made? That makes no sense. I can’t think of any reason for this. It’s bad enough for a player to GIDP, at least they can give him the RBI he deserves.

It's beyond stupid that the team from winning league in the All Star game gets home field advantage in the World Series. This is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Winning is secondary to making sure as many players get in the game and home team players play as many innings as possible. Starters are going two innings. Some players don’t even go to the game. The teams aren’t the best possible collection of players because every team needs a representative. The starters are picked on popularity and not performance. Even if the best players are chosen to start, when the game is being decided in the late innings, they are already out of the game. And most importantly, it’s a damn exhibition game!!!! Coin flip, best record, interleague records, alternating advantage…anything would be better than this stupid rule.

There are too many rules limiting the use of approved equipment. Here are two examples that should be abolished:
  • A fielder cannot throw his glove at a batted ball in an attempt to change the path of ball. Why the hell not? If you are so good that you can throw your glove at a ball travelling at speeds of over 100 MPH with such precision that you can hit the ball and redirect in a direction that makes fielding it easier, not only should it be allowed it should be rewarded with some sort of trophy at the end of the year for the player that is most successful.
  • A catcher may not use his facemask to field the ball. This rule is not enforced much anymore since the catchers are using the hockey style mask more and more, but on numerous occasions in the past, the most recent being this last season, I’ve seen a baserunner awarded advancement of one base after a catcher used his facemask to drag a ball on the ground back into his area after receiving a pitch in the dirt. Most of the time the runner is not attempting to advance and the use of the mask isn’t giving the catcher any sort of advantage. Usually the catcher is just being lazy. I don’t understand this rule and I can’t think of any reason why it should be enforced any longer.


GM-Carson said...

Catchers have the hardest job on the field. Guy is crouched down for 9 innings and is getting banged up with batted balls and errant pitches, cut him some slack and allow for use of the friggin' facemask.

The GIDP non-rbi rule blows my mind. Run batted in is a run batted in...end of story.

GM-Carson said...

Couple Things:
1. The Braves bullpen is amazing on paper with Billy Wagner at closer and Saito and Rafael Soriano setting up (accepted arbitration).

2. Pudge, now 38, signed a 2 year deal with the gNats.

3. WSBGMs College Bowl Challenge through Yahoo. League ID#- 14712, Password- wsbgms. Go ahead and join.

Andrew said...

agreed agreed agreed agreed.

What baseball doesn't need is more rules. They already have way too many stupid ones and you've only listed a few.

-Braves bullpen does look good, but can the team hit this year?

-Pudge is a non-entity for the gNats. He's just there because they will be drafting the #1 pick who is a catcher

-Park is a baby and should re-sign with the the Phils. He's not a good starter but he's an above average reliever. Accept it.

-Would like to re-sign Durbin and Condrey still. But Lyon, would be a nice option if he's in budget.

GM-Carson said...

Chan Ho Park hasn't been a quality starter in over a decade. He's silly to market himself that way. He's good out of the bullpen, accept and sign with the Phightins.

Andrew said...

Phormer Phils:

-Randy Wolf 3 year deal with the Brewers

-Kevin Millwood rumored to be close to signing with the Orioles

-Brett Myers, still nothing but of course Ed Wade may bite.

Bob D said...

if the Phils do not have Lyons, or another reliever by Friday night, then expect the Phils to bring back Durbin and Condrey along with pushing Park to resign with team.

Blanton rumors are just that, i dont see the only righty getting traded, unless Pedro resigns with team.

I think the Phils will likely go with a rule 5 player for the pen or OF, but will have competition in the spring for a spot.

I agree with the throwing glove at ball rule being bad. I have tried it and was successful once myself in doing that.

Andrew said...

interesting 3-team swap:

the Yankees get Curtis Granderson, the D'Backs get Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy, and the Tigers get Max Scherzer, Daniel Schlereth, Austin Jackson, and Phil Coke.

basically a swap of potential with very little established in that deal. not sure who wins, but I like Scherzer

GM-Carson said...

I think every team gets something good out of that deal. The Yanks get an established MLB CF in Granderson. The Tigers get a decent reliever in Coke, plus Scherzer has upside and already is a worthy #3 in the rotation, also Austin Jackson is close to MLB ready, although I don't think he'll ever be anything special. D'Backs get Edwin Jackson and he slots in nicely behind Haren and Webb, plus they get Ian Kennedy and his sub-2.00 minor league ERA.

Andrew said...

I agree about the pitchers, but I think Granderson has been way too inconsistent in his short MLB career. He needs to just settle in as a .260 hitter with 20-30 HR, 15-20 SBs and stop going up and down each year

Matty said...

I've always thought that a sacrifice fly was a bad rule. You aren't giving yourself up with a fly ball. You were trying to get a hit, and just happened to hit a fly ball that scored the runner from third. I don't think it's right that the batter gets credited with an RBI. He didn't bat the runner in. The runner scored at his own risk AFTER the out was recorded. And, the batter should be credited with an at-bat and his average should be dropped accordingly.