Thursday, December 17, 2009

Name That Player #8

Preserve Jon - 2
Joseph- 2
Andrew- 2
Mike The Mac Guy - 1
This former 1st round pick was an all-star in a season in which he struck out only 22 batters. Also, has more career RBIs than John Mayberry Jr.

Lets get it on, name that player!


Andrew said...

Phew, took a while, but Tom Hume?

GM-Carson said...

Damn you Andrew!

Andrew has officially taken the lead.

Hume looks like a nerdy high school algebra teacher. He picked up the save for the NL in the All-Star game the year he was selected to the mid-summer classic.

harbesjb said...

you basterds

GM-Carson said...

I think the next "Name That Player" will go back to text only more pictures. Of course, I'd like to do some "Name that Hairdo" and funs things like that too.

Andrew said...

on this one I didn't use the picture for anything but judging what era it was from. and even that I was originally wrong about when I was searching.

GM-Carson said...

I need to pull someone from the late 70's/early 80's that's obscure.

ripjgarcia said...

Yer right about the pictures Carson.

I took one look at that photo just a minute ago and said Tom Hume without blinking an eye. Of course I also said this has aleady been answered for I refuse to wake up oclock in the morning to take a stroll down memory lane.

ripjgarcia said...

Speaking of times for this contest,would it be possible to get an afternoon post every once in a while to give us latecomers a chance?

Times so far:

7:11am #8
9:03am #7
8:47am #6
8:05am #5
9:08am #4
6:37am #3
7:57am #2
1:26am #1

GM-Carson said...

Next one will be harder and sometime in the afternoon/evening.

Bob D said...

pull one from the 1940's

GM-Carson said...

Here's a great article about just how much of a bargain the Phils are getting in Halladay.