Monday, December 07, 2009

Name That Player #6

Preserve Jon - 2
Mike The Mac Guy - 1
Andrew- 1
harbesjb (aka Joseph) - 1

These two baseball card buddies appeared in a total of 12 major league games, all for the Phils. You need both to get the credit. Name These Players!


Joseph said...

greg Jelks and Tom Newell

1988 Fleer

GM-Carson said...

Josephy officially tied for the lead with Preserve Jon.

You guys see the rumor about Burrell going to the Mets. I'd puke if that happens.

Andrew said...

too slow!

mike the mac guy said...

You guys are doing this from memory? I hadn't a clue. I think I'm outta my league...

GMs-what's that silly little tune that scares the hell out of me every time I open your site??

GM-Carson said...

Of what tune do you speak of?

Andrew said...

11:34am: Newsday's David Lennon tweets that the Mets have no interest in Burrell, in any way.

mike the mac guy said...

Oops didn't see your reply, Carson - I could have sworn there was this little 6 or 7 note tune - almost holiday sounding - that would play while the site was completely loading. It's gone now...hmm....while I'm on the subject, what are all those voices in my head, can you do anything about that?

ripjgarcia said...

mike the mac guy.

You were seriously not hearing things. I noticed the same thing but thought it was something else I was running in the background.