Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays from the Phillies

In Good Phaith:
The Phillies gave Jimmy Rollins and his family an early Christmas present by picking up his 2011 option for $8.5M. The slick fielding bat wielding leadoff hitter is worth far greater than that amount in today's baseball economics, so it seems like a no-brainer to assure his presence in a Phillies uniform for 2 more years. However, this is obviously a "good faith" move, because no matter how stellar the player is, it's rare to see a team pick up a club option over a season in advance. Even Albert Pujols is still in limbo in regards to his 2011 option with the Cardinals. This is because you never know when a serious injury may occur negating the value of the player. Whatever though, J-Roll deserves the money, he's our boy.

From The Zo Zone:
The Phillies have 11 players to a committed $108.5M already for 2011.
* Roy Halladay, $20 million
* Ryan Howard, $20 million
* Chase Utley, $15 million
* Raul Ibanez, $11.5 million
* Brad Lidge, $11.5 million
* Cole Hamels, $9.5 million
* Jimmy Rollins, $8.5 million
* Placido Polanco, $5.25 million
* Ryan Madson, $4.5 million
* Ross Gload, $1.6 million
* Brian Schneider, $1.5 million
(The Phillies also have a 2011 option on J.C. Romero, which is worth $4.5 million.)


GM-Carson said...

College Bowl games start today. Last chance to register through Yahoo fantasy sports for the WSBGMs Bowl Challenge. League ID#- 14712, Password- wsbgms.

Corey said...

"red goes green initiative" makes me want to vomit.

GM-Carson said...

Well, if you're going to spew...spew into this.

Matty said...

How much is Werth making? And when does his contract end?

GM-Carson said...

Werth makes $7M in 2010, his last season under contract.

SirAlden said...

Werth and Blanton are the Free Agents for next Winter.

Moyers comes off the books to pay for the increase in Halladay's Salary.

If Blanton is traded/dropped, the question is will his 2010 salary added to Werth's 2010 salary be enough to sign Werth for 2011.

Brown a left handed bat, is set to step in for Ibanez in 2012.