Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't Question It, Just Enjoy


Andrew said...

I think Roy needs to get in on one of these soon

GM-Carson said...

Agreed, Doc needs to be Jib-Jabbed!

Old Chuck has some funk in his trunk.

Matty said...

That was as hard as I've laughed in quite a while. Thanks.

Corey said...

halladay and four other members of the pitching staff will be featured in a video soon.

Andrew said...

Phillies Exercise Jimmy Rollins' 2011 Option

GM-Carson said...

That's kind of strange to go ahead and exercise the option now. What if he had a horrible injury or hit like .200 this next season. Then they're stuck. I doubt either happen, but you never know.

Andrew said...

wouldn't it also "motivate" him a little more to produce at a higher level this season if he was uncertain about next? it was gonna happen no matter what, so its just kind of a "shrug your shoulders" and move on thing

SirAlden said...

Smart Move. Shows loyalty in the Franchise. Jimmy can relax and do well this year.

If you were a pitcher and saw how
Lidge was treated, how would you feel about coming to Philadelphia.

I have been thinking about the trade in the back of my mind for the last 3 days.

Clearly Lee's Agents, were going to hold onto the 6-7 year vs. 3-4 year contract that the Phillies were able to offer.

After next year, going into 2011, Moyer's Salary comes off and covers the increase in Halladay's salary.

Werth comes up for Free-Agency and Blanton has another arbitration increase. If you trade or let Blanton walk, you can take his salary, add it to Werth's this year, kick in somemore, and maybe you are able to sign him.

You will then need a #3 Starter. Where will that come from, in the Minors or in a Trade? From then Upper Levels of the Minors. Until the Seattle Trade the only Player in the upper minors was Dominic Brown, who is untouchable, and will be replacing Ibanez in 2012. So a starter from the minors to replace Blanton is STEP ONE.

At that point we are set for two years 2010 and 2011.

The next off season before 2012, Ryan Madson and J.C. Romero will be Free Agents if Romero's Option is picked up for 2011. These
need to be dealt with, but are not serious concerns, because their Money is coming off the books.

Raul Ibanez will be replaced by
Domomic Brown, freeing 12M of Salary.

Rollins, Shane Victorino, Ryan Howard are the Three Musketeers.

If all three are still performing,
an extension for Rollins, and sending most of Ibanez's money to Howard might work.

Maybe Victorino's increases will be reasonable, he does not project to break out into SuperStar Money.

Werth 2011, Rollins 2012, Victorino 2012, Howard 2012 is what this is all about.

With Brown coming online in 2012.
Pitchers Taylor Mays, Jared Cosart, Phillippe Aumont, and J.C. Ramirez as possibilities increase the chances for payroll

Tyson Gillies and Anthony Gose are possible replacements for Victorino.

I hope this helps us hold onto Rollins when the time comes. Like the Eagles, the Phillies are planning forward like a Chess-Game. If you plan 5 moves ahead, and your opponent is able to plan 6 or 7 moves you are toast.

Will Werth and Howard not take the Rowand and Lee postions?

Time will tell. At least now we have a shot. "It's all about the Roosevelt's Baby" and having payroll flex with new minor leaguers coming in to pay the key SuperStars is the Key.

GM-Carson said...

"The Phillies would like to add relievers. Here's the latest on their search:

* Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reports (via Twitter) that the Phils offered Scott Eyre a minor league deal. The lefty wants more, so he hasn't accepted the offer. The Yankees have some interest in Eyre, but have yet to make him a formal offer.
* Phils GM Ruben Amaro Jr. tells Scott Lauber of the News Journal that he doesn't expect to reach a deal with Chan Ho Park. "I just don't think Chan Ho and the Phillies are going to be able to bring the marriage together," Amaro said."

Rube went for broke on Halladay and upgraded with Polly and Schneider, so he better not punk out and get crap for the bullpen. Lidge and Romero are huge pieces and huge question marks. Aside from Durbin and Madson what the hell do they have?

Bob D said...

JRoll is one of baseballs best bargains - Gold glove, good hitter, great speed, great baseball sense and knowledge. He may not be the ideal leadoff hitter but at shortstop I will take him over almost everyone. Good move.

I forsee the Phils reducing some salary next year as others will get thier usual increases. Blanton and Moyer will likely be gone and Werth has a good chance to be replaced by Brown as he maybe ML ready by then. Victorino the next year by Gillie? Who knows, likely someone will not pan out and 1 of Werth and Victorino will be kept. Ibanez will also be done after 2011 most likely. Hopefully the Phils can replace some of these stars will new stars from the minors, then the likes of Howard, Utley, Hamels, Happ, and others can be kept around longer.

The bullpen is questionable right now but is at least decent. Questionable for the start of the season with some health/injury issues. Hopefully Mathieson will answer the call and show how dominate he was in the fall league and minors this year.

Andrew said...

we got some minor league question marks as far as bullpen ready this season, but I still think the Phils should scoop up Capps. He may be asking too much though. Why can't Park just realize how good he was in the relief compared to starting??? WAKE UP CHAN HO!!!!

Amanda said...

Charlies got some moves.