Saturday, December 12, 2009

Create the Caption

"The Mayan calendar never lies, just ask Dutch Daulton."

*Image borrowed from Jim Horwat, who also produced a fine piece of artwork of the 2008 Phillies.

WSBGMs Bowl Challenge:
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Rich Baxter said...

"The Phillies climb the to the pinnacle of MLB's Pagoda in 2009"

"Phillies ascend towards higher heights in 2009"

"Phanatic God propels Phils in 2009"

There's a few, I seem to like the last one the best, Phanatic is the 'man'!

Matty said...

The 2009 Phillies proved that the road to the top is not always paved in gold.

Dr. Steve said...

People on the radio say the Phillies can resign Lee or Halladay, but not both.

IF the Phillies don't plan on keeping Halladay, then I am totally against the trade. You get Halladay if you intend on him staying long term. And the Phillies MUST (if they get him.)

SirAlden said...

"Collect Teams for Human Sacrifice!

Washington Nationals - CHECK!
New York Mets - CHECK!
Atlanta Braves - CHECK!
Florida Marlins - CHECK!

Throw them into the Volcano.
Then let's all go out to Pat's for the Roll and Gino's for the Meat!!!


SirAlden said...

I know we are going for Halladay and Lee long term contracts,

but it was really DUMB not to
offer Chan Ho Arbitration, he would have had to choose, had lots of reasons not to accept, and we would have gotten a Sandwich Pick around
#40 in next years draft, to add to #27 and #65.

GM-Carson said...

I'm tired of all these retarded rumors. Now they have Lee being possibly dealt to land Halladay. Enough!!!

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