Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Brian Schneider a Phillie

Brian Schneider has signed on to be Carlos Ruiz's backup next season. The Cherryville, PA product grew up a Phillies fan and quickly jumped on the opportunity to play for them instead of waiting out free agency for more playing time and possibly a bigger contract. Schneider is a lifetime .251/.697 hitter in 10 MLB seasons with the Expos/Nationals and most recently the Mets. He endured a horrible 2009 (.218/.627), but injuries contributed to his tailspin. Schneider is a reliable defensive minded catcher, gunning down a superb 38% of base stealers in his career. One nice thing about signing him is that we no longer have to worry about him being a "Phillie killer" as he's hit 6 homeruns and 54 rbi against the Phils in his career (highest against any opposing team).

Now with backup catcher and utility infielder figured out, Rube turns his attention to 3rd base and the bullpen.



Corey said...

any news on the years/$$$?

regardless, i like this signing. a dependable, defensively capable backup is exactly what they needed.

SirAlden said...

$3MM for 2 years.
Love the signing. Solid.
Bats Left, Throws Right. Some Pop.

C - Carlos Ruiz - $475K+
C - Brian Schneider - $1.5MM
1B - Ryan Howard - $19MM
2B - Chase Utley - $15MM
SS - Jimmy Rollins - $7.5MM
3B -
IF - Juan Castro - $800K
LF - Raul Ibanez - $11.5MM
CF - Shane Victorino - $3.125MM+
RF - Jayson Werth - $7MM
OF - Ben Francisco - $421K
OF -
1B/3B/OF - Greg Dobbs - $1.35MM

Just 2 Slots Open.

3B - Very Important
5th OF - Important

SirAlden said...

Can you activate an Edit Button - for logged in posters?

GM-Carson said...

Brian Schneider is the perfect backup catcher for the Phils. Really, he's been decent over his career with the stick and is solid behind the plate. He was injured most of last year, and that's why his offense dipped. Look for a return to his career norms .250ish/.700ish.

SirAlden said...

So Far - Utility Infielder and Backup Catcher are improvements
over last year's squad.


Dobbs L
Schneider L
Castro S
Francisco R

Needed Righthanded Powerbat for the Bench - I am voting for Sarge to come out of retirement so he can date Alyssa Milano, and touch all her bases, and tattoos.

SirAlden said...

$1.25MM this year, $1.5MM next.

Preserve Jon said...

Two thumbs up. I like it. Buzz is the ideal backup catcher. Slap hitter, pesky and good defensively (except for a poor throwing arm). Throw in that he is a bonafied Phillies Killer and we're even further ahead of the game. Has he now played for every team in the NL East or is FLA still missing?

GM-Carson said...

Schneider was never a Brave nor Marlin.

Now, if Rube could only sign Tim "Cy" Redding to a minor league deal to keep him from pitching zeroes against the Phils, we'd be set.

GM-Carson said...

Octavio Dotel wasn't offered arbitration by the ChiSox, meaning the Phils can sign him without losing a draft pick. He's a good power arm, that I'd like to have on a 1 year $3.5M deal (or something similar).

Preserve Jon said...

Thanks GM. I guess he hasn't quite achieved Bruce Chen status.

GM-Carson said...

Neither Polanco nor Miguel Tejada were offered arb, so Rube may target either of them more aggressively now for a 3rd base option knowing that a draft pick won't be surrendered.

Looks like neither Chan Ho Park or Eyre will be offered arb either. Doesn't mean they still won't be signed by the Phils though.

Bob D said...

I am not convinced that the backup infielder spot is set yet. A trade could occur to bring in someone a bit better. I see only a small improvement of Eric Brutal/Bruntlett.

I love the Schneider signing as he will be a solid back up catcher for the Phils.

Some interesting names on the non-arb list out there.

Andrew said...

no arb for Bedard. Sign him!!!!

Matty said...

You beat me to it at the end of your post. I was going to say that now he won't be killing us at the plate.

GM-Carson said...

I'm not high on Bedard. He falls into the overhyped category for me. Plus, that would mean 4 lefties in the rotation (and it already looks that way if Moyer is healthy).

GM-Carson said...

Looks like the Braves got Billy "the Rat" Wagner to be closer next year.