Saturday, November 14, 2009

Victorino is a Good Guy

WSBGMs recently got this email, and we thought we'd share it with you this weekend...

To Whom It May Concern,

On behalf of Shane Victorino, who is one of our clients at Legacy Direct, wanted to make you aware of an upcoming Charity Golf Tournament benefiting the Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation that Shane is hosting in Maui next Saturday, November 21st. We would greatly appreciate if you could help his fundraising campaign by putting the below message on your blogs. I’ve also included a recent clip of Shane Victorino and Mark Rockefeller on Fox Business to give you more of an overview of Shane’s involvement with Legacy.

Thank you very much,
Mike Wooters


Dr. Steve said...

Since I often post late at night, here is a comment from yesterday.

Basically, if you don't get Figgins, you should resign Feliz for less money and acquire a third base prospect/really work hard at getting one of our big outfield prospects into a 3Dman.

THE problem with Figgins is he had a breakout year. Breakout years can be misleading.


Makes you wonder if the Phillies will be fast acters like last year in this third base situation or not.

GM-Carson said...

I want Figgins, but something tells me that he will be too expensive for the Phils. He's looking 4 yr $40+M.

The rest of the crop isn't all that great. We know what we're getting in Feliz, and if he signed a 1 year $2.5M contract, then so be it. Go check out Beltre, DeRosa, and the rest of the free agent 3B...not too impressive.

SirAlden said...

I am in the Figgy first then
the Beltre and Pray Camp.

Beltre's Defense is unbelievable,
and has the most UpSide.

SirAlden said...

Watch the Dirt Touching.

Makes Nomar's OCD seem Brady Bunch.

If I was a pitcher I would wait until he bent over then drill him
in the ass. Right Buttock for the Politically Correct.

Watch it. I mean the whole vid, till the end. Excruciating.

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