Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Why I'm Skipping Tonight's Game

Watching preseason games, 100+ regular season games, the NLDS, and the NLCS and then not tuning in for the World Series may seem a bit odd to some. Borderline stupid, maybe. But I have my reasons. And I've numbered them below...

1. Fox television. I'm not sure what is worse, Tim McCarver or the constant barrage of plugs for other shows on Fox.

2. The Andy Pettitte closeups. We've been looking at Pettitte's menacing glare, stubble and oversized nostrils since the Yankees became post season staples in the late nineties. But now, with the addition of high definition television, the constant zoom on Pettitte's face seems even more irritating.

3. Time. Some of the games are lasting almost 4 hours. With an eight o'clock starting time, that puts the end near midnight. Why waste the time and the sleep when ESPNEWS can recap the game in thirty seconds.

4. Nothing good can can happen tonight. Even if the Phillies win tonight they have to play again tomorrow. So you could not watch and not really miss anything. I'm just going to tune in tomorrow night and if the I miss the Yankees winning the World Series, I'm definitely okay with that.

5. TV options. There is a new "Criminal Minds" on tonight. And I have like five episodes of "Three Sheets" to watch on the DVR. I've also been recording all the shows Fox has been plugging during the Series and they sound awesome so I should probably watch those instead.


GM-Carson said...

Staying up late to watch these games is killing my sleep time, but I find it worth it. Phils in World Series hasn't exactly been a commonplace during our lifetime, so I live it up while I can.

The postseason is also making my wife and I fall behind on our tv viewing, luckily we have a widescreen computer monitor to watch all missed episodes on. The Internet is an awesome thingy!

Preserve Jon said...

I'm going to go ahead and assume there was a touch of hyperbole in your little soliloquy there. In all seriousness, how nice was it to get a full night's sleep last night. My dog even woke me up this morning, rather than my alarm clock! I feel great today. No ominous portent in sight. Go Fightins!

Corey said...

i do really hate listening to tim mccarver.

Derek said...

corey-take off the skirt, brew up the coffee, take come advil, remove the tampon, get the pasaphire out of your mouth and get ready for game 6. This on may last til 11:35 tonight.

GM-Carson said...

Damn, Phils Phans turning on one another...tense series.

Jeffrey Wittwer said...

We can't get spoiled just because the Phils have been in the World Series the last two years. It may be another 30 years before they make it back again. You never know. We have to enjoy every moment of it while we can. Even if they lose tonight, the Phillies won the World Series in 2008, made it back in 2009 which is unheard of lately in baseball and have played a pretty even series against the Yankees to this point. Yankees have scored 25 runs. Phils have scored 24.

GM-Carson said...

Oh, I'm not complacent by any means. I love my Phillies, am obsessed with the Phillies, and therefore try to watch every single pitch I can no matter the circumstance. I pulling like hell for the Phils to win back-to-back championships, but you're right Jeffrey, I'm happy that they're even in the playoffs 3 years in a row and at least secured 1 World Series title. Doesn't mean I don't want more, but I am pleased nonetheless.

SirAlden said...

Ostrich! But understandable.

Three Times A Charm for Pedro.

He is pitching wonderfully.
This could be a Phillies Game
for the Ages.

Really looking forward to supporting our team.

"Let's put another one in the Win Column for the Phightin' Phils!"

Jay Ballz said...

Gotta watch the game...!

SirAlden said...

Tim was Lefty's Catcher.

He masterminded Carlton's major
change in his pitching style when
he lost a few feet on his fastball,
which gave us over 100 extra Carlton

He batted Left Handed, was arguably the second best Left Handed Hitting Catcher for the Phils after 'Dutch', and he also had AWESOME STRAT-O-MATIC Cards. Go check it it out.

Cut him some slack.

Not everyone can be Whitey.
No one can be.

SirAlden said...

And on a lighter note:

"Padilla, who revived his career in the Dodgers' run to the National League Championship Series, was treated for a minor self-inflicted gunshot wound in his right leg at a hospital in his native Nicaragua on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reports."

I love Vincente!

SirAlden said...

"A minor self inflicted gunshot wound."

If I gave you a gun, and you had to
self inflict a gunshot wound with it, could you make it Minor?


GM-Carson said...

Padilla injured himself while hunting...probably drunk.

Zac said...

Pitchers and catchers report February 14th.

Great season GMs... thanks for time well wasted :)