Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Top 10 Phillies Prospects

Baseball America recently released their Top 10 prospects in the Philadelphia Phillies organization. The top 3 should come as no surprise (Brown, Drabek, and Taylor), as their names have been popping up on here and across other Phillies blogs all summer long. Lets take a look at the crop of youngsters expected to keep the recent winning ways of the Phils going...

1. Domonic Brown, OF- he's still developing power to go with his lanky frame (6'5" 204 lb.), but he has 20+ hr/30+ sb potential. Along with Taylor and Gose (down further on the list), Brown helps form a formidable trio to take the place of the all-star cast outfield currently in Philly.

2. Kyle Drabek, RHP- after some disappointing seasons due to immaturity and injury, he finally put it all together this year with a 12-3 record and 3.19 ERA campaign. There's a reason Rube wouldn't part with Drabek in the proposed Halladay deal, he's got top of the rotation stuff with tremendous upside.

3. Michael Taylor, OF- Towering like a linebacker at 6'6" 250 lb., I can't help but salivate over Michael Taylor. His .312 batting average and .898 OPS over 3 minor seasons is promising too.

4. Travis D'Arnaud, C- I'm not as sold on this guy as others are, as he allowed 132 sb in 99 games and only batted .255/.738 in Lakewood (Single A). He is only 20 though, so there's time for improvement.

5. Trevor May, RHP- 2010 will be his real test as he faces better competition and an entire season's workload, but so good so far with 5-2 record, 2.72 ERA, and 106 k in 89.1 ip over 20 games in 2 seasons.

6. Anthony Gose, OF- at the tender age of 18 he swiped 76 bags in Lakewood. If he learns how to get his average up to the .275 area with an on base % of .340+, we're looking at the next Juan Pierre...but with a better arm.

7. Sebastian Valle, C- another young catcher (18) that's still learning the craft in the low minors. Some believe a position switch will be in order for him down the road (3B/1B?).

8. Jarred Cosart, RHP- first I heard of this kid, but his #'s are impressive: 2.22 ERA, 0.78 WHIP in his pro debut with the Gulf Coast Phillies.

9. Antonio Bastardo, LHP- got a taste of the big leagues and even the playoffs this past season. Look for Old Dirty Bastardo to push for a roster spot on the 25-man heading north next spring.

10. Domingo Santana, OF- a 16 year old who hit .288/.388/.508 in 37 games with the Gulf Coast Phillies...sign me up!!!



Dr. Steve said...

So are we dumping Werth/Ibanez for the two guys at the top of the list in the future? I hope they aren't the Ryan Howard Power Hitters they seem to be, because we need to hit for AVERAGE! We can't have so many strikeouts. Ryan Howard alone is too many.

I am glad to see two catchers on here. But something tells me near the bottom of the list they begin to scrape the bottom barrel of talent. Looks like we need to have a strong draft year!

Dr. Steve said...

Scott Mathieson - think he should be in the bullpen or in the minors starting?

My opinion, either we try and make him into a closer/8th inning pitcher, or we make him into the top-tier starter he was planned to be.

GM-Carson said...

Scott Mathieson should be in the Phils bullpen if healthy next season. He has the ability to become a set-up man, but next year ease him in with a Durbin/Condrey like role.

Dr. Steve said...

Shane and Jimmy bring home Gold Gloves. Michael Bourne does too. Too bad he can't really hit.

GM-Carson said...

The Gold Glove is a joke. I'm glad Jimmy and Vic were honored, but seriously, the voters are the coaches and they just write down the name they think they should. They don't actually hash over the defensive stats other than fielding %, and that just doesn't cut it any more.

Bob D said...

I don't see dumping any OF till after next year for one of these guys. I've seen May pitch and he's the real deal, I didn't expect him to be up so high on the list here.
Drabek will likely crack the Phils rotation by midseason. Taylor the same maybe as 4th OF. The system is deep with prospects.
Mathieson should be groomed for Madson's spot for 2011 when he is likely to leave. He has tremendous potential.