Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thank You Phillies

WSBGMs would like to take this opportunity to thank the Philadelphia Phillies for one helluva ride this season. Third straight NL East title and back-to-back World Series appearances...that's the stuff I used to dream of when I was a kid. They may not have won the coveted championship this year, but they're still a great team worthy of adoration. We have the entire season to hash out a game plan for free agents, trades, and other roster moves. Today we will look back on the playoffs as a whole...

*Totals- .247/.345/.472, 24 2B, 5 3B, 25 hr, 82 r, 11 sb.

*Although Ryan Howard's bat was seemingly nonexistent during the WS, he did collect 17 total rbi during the playoffs.

*Chase Utley proved why he's Philadelphia favorite son, belting 5 WS homeruns and scoring 15 runs to lead the team in the '09 playoffs.

*Jayson Werth flexed his muscle, popping 7 homeruns, also scored 13 and drove in 13.

*Chooch Ruiz batted .341 with a 1.082 OPS. Secret weapon.

*Jimmy Rollins ended his dismal season with a dismal playoffs line- .234/.587.

*Pedro Feliz, aside from Game 4 of the WS, was a complete waste- .167/.548.

*Ben Francisco was 0-11...ouch.

*Totals- 132 ip, 116 k, 3.95 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, 9-6 record.

*Cliff Lee won 4 games in 5 starts and posted a 1.56 ERA and a 0.82 WHIP. Domination.

*Brad Lidge had 5 scoreless appearances, but 1 costly appearance in which he surrendered 3 runs and the ball game.

*Ryan Madson pitched in 12 of the 15 games.

*Cole Hamels gave up 7 homeruns in 19 innings pitched with a 7.58 ERA. Thankfully for him, his season is now officially over.

WSBGMs Readers Reactions:
Sir Alden- Thank you boys of Summer. See you next year!

Aaron- I got nothing bad to say. The Phils are all heart and I'm proud of them. I got a feeling we will be celebrating this time next year. And know this Phillies fans....No Yankee fan will ever know the pure joy we felt last year. When it comes too easy it's not as special.

Scottie- I agree, a great season and I love this team, but ole Cholly made me scratch my head with even starting Pedro and then leaving him in to face Matsui (just like Lidge the other night). Why? Oh well, the same things that killed us all year (bullpen, worst closer in game, poor clutch hitting, JRoll not showing up,..) came back to haunt us in this season and yet we were oh so close. Bring on 2010!!!

Zac- Pitchers and catchers report February 14th. Great season GMs... thanks for time well wasted :)

GM-Carson- I'm not even mad this morning. Wasn't really all that upset last night. The Phils are a great team, #2 in baseball, that's still pretty damn impressive. Being in the playoffs and back in the World Series was fun and entertaining, lets do it again next year.

Not too many regrets about this season, because the "what-if" game is tiring and unproductive. However, I do regret the Phils not winning the World Series because it robbed me of the chance to post this picture...wait, guess it worked out anyway.



JH said...

Another WS bonus. The Muts will have to spend an entire season with the Yankees as champions and the Phils as Division champions.

Derek said...

you could say he should have taken pedro out when matsui came up. you could have said why not happ for game 6 instead of pedro. you could have said move werth to the 4 spot and put howard in the 5 spot. you could have said bring in happ earlier and then follow with pedro. you could have said and done alot of things but truth be told.....they made it a series. they didnt get swept. arod didnt destroy them, texteria didnt even come close, but in the end it was a foreign player that came up big in the final game to get mvp. I am congratualitory of matsui for getting mvp. if it was jeter, arod, rivera or texteria we would never hear the end of it. it came from someone that was on average for salary. as for the phillies....they were a team that made me joyous, made me cry, made me stay up late at night just to see if lidge would actually get a save, they are the team that send 5 players to the all-star game and made philly proud. It is what it is but count my word....this team will never be seen again for a long time. you could never duplicate another team like this one that they had this year.

In closing, I shall retire my t-shirt and hat for the season and dust it off come march.

GM-Carson said...

Well put Derek.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer's Andy Martino, the Phillies have internally discussed the idea of signing Cliff Lee to a long-term contract extension this offseason.

"Clearly, it's on our minds, but we haven't made a decision if we will yet," general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Wednesday. "Naturally you have to think about it, but we're more focused on him pitching in this series." Lee has been lights out this postseason and went 7-4 with a 3.39 ERA with the Phillies during regulation. He's due for a massive contract, but the Phillies hold a $9MM bargain option on him for 2010 so they will essentially hold the upper hand if negotiations take place this winter.

GM-Carson said...

From Scott Eyre's blog:
"I just want to say this is the most fun group of guys I've played with during 11 years in the big leagues.

I don't consider this a disappointment. We got beat. They've got a lot of talent in the Yankees clubhouse, and they should be proud of what they did. And not to be disrespectful in any way, but I still feel like we had the better ballclub. But we got beat. It happens, you know? Sometimes you have to step back and tip your cap.

But like I said, this group of guys is making it very hard for me to say, "Hey, I'm going to go home and retire." For me personally, it will be a family decision. Ruben Amaro Jr. has a lot to say about that as well, obviously. But I still love to play the game, and I still love to go out there and compete. And I still feel like I do a good job with it. But this group is unbelievable to be around. We've got superstars who don't act like it.

I was scared to death when I got here in August 2008. Honestly. The Phillies were the first team on my no-trade list. After the 2005 season I was supposed to have lunch with Rich Dubee about coming here. They told me they would be able to give me a three-year deal back then. I went to Chicago instead. I would have loved to have been in Philly that whole time. Dan Plesac and Jon Lieber told me something before I got here: Do your job and approach the game the right way. This is a blue-collar city. The fans are at the ballpark every night. They boo you if you don't do your job, but they cheer the heck out of you when you do. And that's so rewarding.

If this is it I've enjoyed my time here as much as I've enjoyed anything in this game.

Thanks for helping make that happen."

*I love Eyre, he seems like an awesome guy. I hope he has successful surgery to repair the "floating bodies" in his left elbow, and then Rube signs him to a 1 year deal.

njh723 said...

we made it from 1980 to 2008, so i guess we can wait from 2008 to 2010. thanks for a great year phillies. it makes it a million times better that its such a great group of guys. i never felt like this about the eagles, flyers, or sixers, thats for sure.

and while im here, thanks everyone at WSBGMs. i dont comment a lot, but this is the first website i visit everyday, and it has been for a while. i look forward to second-guessing our front office until april with you.

GM-Carson said...

Honestly, I love doing this blog. It's a great way to share excitement, information, and commiseration. It helps me vent and helps me express joy. Corey and I have been at it for 4 seasons now, and I think WSBGMs gets better every season.

Dr. Steve said...

What the hell has gotten into all of you? Aren't any of you scared that Pedro Martinez is going to get a huge contract as it was rumored? The guy is a fucking waste. His arm went limp and he only began pitching when, August? Two months? He was a total failure and isn't really a Philly anyway after that performance - I want him off the team.

Sadly, we don't have much room on the roster for changes. Ibanez was a no-show for most of the season, but he's got a full year left before we can justify putting him in a rotation with a younger star. That leaves Pedro Feliz as our glaring weak spot and the Phillies must do EVERYTHING they can to aquire a great (not good) third baseman. Yes, I want great defense, but I also want a real threat. Preferably someone who hits for average.

Secondly, our rotation is fine. As long as someone examines Cole Hamels and he gets back on track, we should be set. Joe Blanton was our best pitcher all season (including Lee), so I am curious to see how he performs next year. And I am wondering if Drabek will be pulled up.

Thirdly, just find every available talented bullpen pitcher, throw them into a truck, and ship them here. Every one out there. I don't know what to think about our staff. Someone needs to examine them heavily.

Well, time to focus on the only other team with a farm system - Go Flyers!

GM-Carson said...

Free agents- Bruntlett, Eyre, Ho Park, Stairs, Martinez, Myers, Bako, and I believe Durbin.

I want Eyre back and Chan Ho if the price is right.

Moyer's contract is a concern.

Need some bullpen arms, backup catcher, and a decent utility infielder.

Feliz has a $5M option that I'm praying the Phils don't exercise.

Amanda said...

I'm sooo proud of the Phillies!!! Of course, I'm disappointed they lost, but the Yankees played better. I 'm more proud than upset.

What a great season, boys. Losing Harry Kalas was tough, but they played their hearts out everyday making the season incredible. Tons of great wins during the regular season, and I really enjoyed the postseason this year.

If you asked me 6-7 years ago if I thought the Phillies would be in back-to-back World Series, I would have thought that you were crazy. But those teams in the late 90s/early 00s made me appreciate this 2009 team so much more. This may sound crazy, but I would NEVER trade those days in the 90s/early 00s for 27 rings! Never. That's what makes me a Phillies fan.

I'm just upset that baseball season is over, but I'm so proud of the Phightins! I can not wait for next season, and we'll see what the future has to bring! GO PHILS!

Oh, and one more thing: The Yankees may be the World Champions this year, but they will never be the wFc's! Let's get to 28 before NY does!!! :-)

GM-Carson said...

I love this team. All I ever wanted growing up was for the Phils to be contenders and make it to the playoffs. Well, now I’m grown up (well, sorta) and they’ve made it to the playoffs 3 straight years with consecutive World Series apperances…that’s awesome!!! They’re primed for more too. So, the little boy still breathing inside of me is quite happy and proud of his Phillies.

Anonymous said...

JH, Phillies also won the entire NL. :)

So much to be proud of this team for.

SirAlden said...

Dear Dr. Steve,

As Bill Clinton would say in a
an Arkansas accent - "I feel your pain." - I do disagree about where you are directing it towards.

Martinez - "He was a total failure and isn't really a Philly anyway after that performance."

He was 5-1 down the stretch, while Lee was in a funk. He might have been the single most stretch pitching reason why we have the 3rd Division Flag in a row.

In the post season he was out second best starter after Lee and
should have had a Victory against
the Dodgers and the Yankees.

"He was a total failure." is not correct. He came out in Game Six and did not have his Fastball. He still had his control. He handled the famed Yankees, except for a man on a Mission - Matsui (on his last day as a Yankee) who was
has been injured, and marginalized, and not appreciated
for all the production he gave to the Franchise, and with all the focus - twice beat Martinez.

Let it be heard far and wide, that we lost game six because of the RELIEF CORP, who came in after
Pedro, and did not shut the door.

That is why we lost the entire Series, because the RELIEF CORP.

With everything Pedro can teach our younger pitchers, I hope we sign him and have him on a light schedule. 2 years at low money,
would send the right signal to other Free-Agents. Pedro knows he is not going to get another 10 Mil a year contract, he has already said that he has enough money.

Remember Eyre's post World Series Comments that - Philadelphia was #1 at the top of his list of his NO TRADE LIST. He is like many other Pitchers. How we embrace Pedro shows the kind of people we are.

We need a Pedro - not a Moyer and hope, (Moyer in the pen rested is the best use) and another 1A Starter to Four Pete. (Lee too).

We have Blanton - Moyer and two very good corner outfielders in the Minors to trade for the likes of Roy Halladay.

As for Pedro Feliz - how soon we forget David Bell. Name me a 3rd Baseman that can field as well, who hits better, who is actually available. 3rd Baseman used to be more plentiful. Feliz's stats out of the 7th spot in the batting order he created 82 RBI's and 62 Runs scored. Show me how many batters in the 29 Major League Teams out produced him in those stats. ZERO.

Next year's #1 key is someone like Halladay to replace Blanton or shockingly even Hamels atop the rotation - someone in the bottom of the rotation like Pedro, - and fixing the Bench Bruntlett and Stairs (maybe Gentleman Jim).