Friday, November 20, 2009

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Jay Johnstone

Jay Johnstone was a career .303 left-handed hitter during his 5 seasons in Philadelphia. In total, he played 20 years in the majors for the Phillies, Dodgers, Yankees, Angels, Cubs, White Sox, Padres and Athletics batting .267. That's the definition of journeyman, as he played for 8 of the 26 MLB teams (Rockies, Marlins, Rays, and DBacks weren't in existence when he played). He roamed the outfield and played a little bit of 1st base in Philly from 1974-1978, and to be honest, I don't really know much about him. However, loyal reader Sir Alden has been begging for this particular phlashback, so here it is. Therefore, I'll turn to Wikipedia for the rest...

Jay was best known for keeping the clubhouse atmosphere loosey-goosey with his sense of humor. He'd often pull pranks to keep teammates in good spirits. Some of his most notorious pranks included the hot-foot, putting a soggy brownie in Steve Garvey's glove, cutting out the crotch area of Rick Sutcliffe's underwear, nailing teammates cleats to the floor, and dressing up as a member of the grounds crew and sweeping the infield between innings. Following his playing days he worked along side John Sterling in the Yankees broadcast booth as the color commentator for a couple seasons. Career highlight- batting .778 (7-9) in the 1976 NLCS. He also appeared in the movie Naked Gun as a right-handed batter playing for the Seattle Mariners, neither of which he really ever did.



SirAlden said...

Yeah! Thank You!

Gregg Gross and Jay Johnstone.

Two Peas in a Pod.

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How would you like to sign a guy for our bench to pair with Gregg Dobbs four the next four years. Take over the duties of 4th outfielder Ben Francisco, and and Lefthanded RBI Pinch hitter Matt Stairs who then delivered:

1974 - 2010
224 Plate Appearances
.295 Batting Average
.846 OPS
+132 OPS+

1975 - 2011
398 Plate Appearances
.329 Batting Average
.852 OPS
+133 OPS+

1976 - 2012
491 Plate Appearances
.318 Batting Average
.830 OPS
+132 OPS+

1977 - 2013
411 Plate Appearances
.284 Batting Average
.828 OPS
+116 OPS+

This is what he did for the
Three Time Division Winning
Phillies of 1974-1978.

In 1976 he was second in the League in Doubles.

In 1978 after 65 at bats he was traded with Bobby Brown to the Yankees for Reliever Rawley Eastwick.

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Wow, I really brought joy to your heart today with this post, didn't I?

SirAlden said...

Right down into the cockles - of my.

Time and time again. Gregg Gross would pinch hit to get on Base,
then Jay Johnstone would double him home.

Jay was in the Free-Spirit Mode, (in his case SoCal life is good) - ala Bill "Spaceman" Lee of the Expos and Red Sox, who admited as much to being a pot smoker, - and Mark Fidrich of the Detroit Tigers who talked to the Ball, refused to use a ball thrown to him by the umpire if he felt the ball had "a Hit in it", and shook everyone's hand after each game he pitched.

2010's Tim Lincecum is the only one currently with even a wiff of
counter-cultural personality.

SirAlden said...

Mark Fidrich earned $16,500 for his entire 1976 Rookie Season - while going 19-9.