Sunday, November 08, 2009

Offseason Business

Under Contract:
1. Cliff Lee- $9M
2. Greg Dobbs- $1.35M
3. Ryan Howard- $19M
4. Jimmy Rollins- $7.5M
5. Chase Utley- $15M
6. Raul Ibanez- $11.5M
7. Jayson Werth- $7M
8. Cole Hamels- $6.65M
9. JC Romero- $4M
10. Brad Lidge- $11.5M
11. Jamie Moyer- $8M
12. Ryan Madson- $4.5M
Total= $105M for only half a roster.

Arbitration Eligible:
1. Joe Blanton- will be back, '09 $5.475M.
2. Shane Victorio- will be back, '09 $3.125M.
3. Carlos Ruiz- will be back, '09 $0.475M.
4. Tyler Walker- possible non-tender, '09 $0.75M.
5. Clay Condrey- possible non-tender, '09 $0.65M.
6. Chad Durbin- possible non-tender, '09 $1.635M.
7. Eric Bruntlett- possible non-tender, '09 $0.8M.

*Contract information gathered from Cot's Baseball Contracts.

1. Pedro Feliz- $5M for '10 or a 500K buyout. His offense (namely OPS) continues to dip as he gets older, and as the core of this team continues to age, this is a position where the Phils can start to get younger.

Under Team Control:
Ben Francisco, Antonio Bastardo, JA Happ, John Mayberry Jr., Sergio Escalona, and Kyle Kendrick. This means they can have their contracts renewed at the league minimum for their respective service time.

Free Agents:
1. Chan Ho Park- will try to re-sign.
2. Matt Stairs- might offer minor league deal.
3. Paul Bako- doubtful he returns.
4. Jack Taschner- convinced he's gone.
5. Brett Myers- told he won't be back.
6. Miguel Cairo- services not needed.
7. Pedro Martinez- can't pitch an entire season, what's the point?
8. Scott Eyre- been great for the Phils, but they need to see how surgery goes before extending a contract.

Possible Holes:
1. Backup Catcher- Yorvit Torrealba, Miguel Olivo, Ramon Hernandez.
2. 3rd Base- Chone Figgins, Adrian Beltre, Mark DeRosa.
3. Bullpen- Octavio Dotel, Kiko Calero, Brandon Lyon.
4. Utility Infielder- Alex Cora, Craig Counsell, Jerry Hairston Jr.
*MLB Trade Rumors 2010 Free Agent Database.

1. Scott Eyre- remove floating loose bodies in left elbow.
2. Raul Ibanez- repair sports hernia.
3. Brad Lidge- remove floating loose bodies in right elbow. Will also have his right flexor/pronator tendon checked, and if surgery is needed will likely not be ready until post-Opening Day.

All coaches were asked to return for the 2010 season.



Andrew said...

what about Putz for the bullpen?

GM-Carson said...

Ah, no thanks. He's coming off of major injury and a major sized contract. Some team will probably go 2 yr $10M on him.

Dr. Steve said...

We're not the Yankees, but our payroll... I think it was 130 Million last year? We may need to go closer to 150 or even 180.

Spend spend spend I say! The fans aren't going away, they're making tons of money in merchandise and playoff TV, not to mention almost EVERY home game being a sellout.

We need a massive bullpen overhaul, and since we failed to develop a prospect at third base, we need to grab one. I also think this year in the draft (or in the next couple), a first round shortstop shouldn't be out of the question. No offense at all to Jimmy, but it does take what, four or five years to groom a prospect usually depending on his age?

I'm not sure, but we're trying to stick around, aren't we?

Also, I think another starting pitcher might be a good idea. I completely trust Joe Blanton but I'm more than upset with his playoff appearance this year. He was so good in the season, I don't know what happened. If you trust Blanton AND Cole, that's four pitchers we have. Either one of our guys besides Lee is the worst, or we have a fifth starter who is even worse.

Dunno, I like having a dominating pitching lineup.

GM-Carson said...

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to pay Grand Pappy Moyer all that dough next year.

Dr. Steve said...

Moyer is being paid for his prior services. Let's start turning him into a coaching figure. Can you carry additional coaches or something? Or like, have him just hang out?

BenJah said...

i'd like to officially nominate brett myers for the wsbgms hall of fame.

he seems like exactly the kind of player that particular hall was made for. and hey, pat burrell made it!

SirAlden said...

Chone Figgins
Adrian Beltre
Miguel Tejada (noone is mentioning him)

For 3B

Jose Valverde

For the Pen

SirAlden said...

I agree with with Ben Jah.

Brett Myers for the WSBGM's
Hall of Fame.

Steve Jeltz too.

Aaron said...

This is what the Phillies need to do to win the world series next year.

1. Sign Chone Figgins - Bat him leadoff
2. Sign Mike Gonzalez and either Rafael Soriano or Jose Valverde.
3. Get a real Bench.
4. Find someone other than Moyer to be your 5th starter.

Imagine this bullpen:

Bob D said...

Polanco could come back for 3rd base.
A trade for a 3rd baseman, good relief pitcher, or even a starter would be an option too. The Phils team is stacked right now and they can afford to make one solid trade this offseason.
I beleive stay away from Pedro, he may not have much left

GM-Carson said...

Polanco and Tejada are mid-30's now, but on a 2 year deal I'd take one of them. Thing is, both would be making a position switch to 3rd.

Corey & I are having a WSBGMs meeting this afternoon, and we'll talk about our HoF, but the voting does not take place until February I believe. Steve Jeltz will once again be on the ballot.

By the way- Howdy BenJah! Now all we need is a BloodStripes siting.

JJ said...

All of the catchers you listed for backup are starters in this league. a bit unrealistic.

GM-Carson said...

All of them lost their starting job or were run out by their old teams though. I figured you could land one of those three fro 1 year $2.5M with an option.

Kamikaze said...

I say get rid of Lidge and Martinez. They absolutely SUCKED

Lauri said...

What Happ-ened to J.A. in your little world?

Anonymous said...

Nothing happened to Happ, he is back next year in the starting rotation.

Beltre, Torrealba and anybody over Bruntlett would be a few nice guys to see in Phillies uniforms next year.

Phils do have a SS down in the minors named Troy Hanzawa. and the phils did take a SS named Jeremy Barnes in the 2009 draft and he is down in Williamsport.

JJ said...

Hernandez just re-signed to be the Reds' starting catcher for $3 mil. Torrealba took over as starting catcher last year for Ianetta (the Rox's C of the future), played well as the starter thru the playoffs and turned down a 2 year $4.5 mil offer to return - he will be looking for a starting job and will get one. And Olivo hit 23 hrs, he's not gonna sign to be a backup. And you can't spend $2.5 mil on a backup catcher.