Monday, November 02, 2009

Macy's Has Faith

Macy's and the Philadelphia Inquirer are spreading false joy through Philadelphia and the Phillies fan nation. In today's paper, Macy's ran an advertisement prematurely congratulating the Phils on their back-to-back World Series championships. Oops! Well, maybe Macy's knows something the rest of us don't, which means that we're in for a helluva ride the next few days in that case. T-shirt shown above is unfortunately not for sale at Macy's stores yet.



GM-Carson said...

The Apology:
A Message To Our Readers,

A Macy’s advertisement in today’s Inquirer incorrectly offered Phillies 2009 World Championship merchandise. The Inquirer deeply regrets this error. Macy’s is a great corporate citizen, supporter of this region and our sports teams. We apologize for this error and any inconvenience this caused.


Howard Griffin
Vice President, National Advertising

SirAlden said...

Back to Back NL Champions who happen to be in their Second Straight World Series.

Where can I buy one?

Our Pitching - Lee and Martinez has the Edge over the next two games.

I wonder if Happ will be starting
game 7.

njh723 said...

this is good, i was hoping if we lost it would be embarrassing. on a serious note though, im never counting us out. lee should be able to send it back to ny, and i think we can win game 6 with pedro. anything can happen in game 7. i agree that i dont think we can trot out hamels anymore. maybe if he angrily storms into the clubhouse and demands the ball after a game 6 win. who knows?

hell, at least we have one less game to come back from than the 04 red sox

Dr. Steve said...

This is how we should have been hitting all series. I mean, they've been taking walks! And they haven't been swinging for the fences on every pitch! And they're not striking themselves out without the pitcher even throwing a pitch!

Great! Now to keep it up.

GM-Carson said...

Need to keep tacking on runs. More and more runs, make this game out of reach for the Yanks.

SirAlden said...

Please Trade Madson.


What a whimp.

GM-Carson said...

That game was way scarier than need be, but at least they live to see another day/game.

Chase Utley is having an amazing series. I'd love for him to be the WS-MVP.