Monday, November 23, 2009

Lowell a Fit in Philly?

The Phillies need a thirdbaseman. The Red Sox need to get rid of a thirdbaseman. I'm thinking swap meet. Mike Lowell is in the last year of his contract and is set to make $12M. However, it's being reported that Theo Epstein may be willing to eat half the contract to move him to make room for slugging Padres firstbaseman Adrian Gonzalez. At $6M for 1 year and a stopgap plan at 3rd, I'd do it. The BoSox probably wouldn't want much of a prospect in return for Lowell, since the trade would be more of a salary dump. Lowell was extremely durable for most of his career, playing through pain Chase Utley style, but the last 2 seasons have seen him land on the DL and play less than 120 games each year. However, when in the lineup his bat is still produtive (.290, 17 hr, 75 rbi, .811 OPS). He will be 36 years old in 2010, and he still plays adequate defense. Envisioning his bat in the 7-hole of the Phils lineup brings a smile to my face.

Although Lowell wouldn't be my first choice for 3rd, he may be the best choice. No draft picks will be surrendered when signing him (as would be the case with Beltre or DeRosa), and he's not out of the Phils price range like Chone Figgins. Get a quality utility infielder that can play 3rd to give Lowell a breather, and you've got yourself a solid infield again.



Andrew said...

I liked Lowell two years ago when he was available and the Phils needed a 3B. Then he went to Boston and we got Pete Happy. Well, things worked out ok for us, but at this point, I think Lowell is too old and too risky to sign. I'd prefer a younger 3B with long term potential since we don't appear to have any 3B coming up in AA or AAA at this point.

My vote still goes for either resigning Feliz to one year or signing DeRosa for 2 years plus a 3rd year option.

GM-Carson said...

I'd rather have Lowell for 1 year than Feliz for 1 year. DeRosa is on the wrong side of 30 too (34 I think) and coming off of wrist surgery. He's good, but not all that much better, if any than Lowell in my opinion.

Corey said...

if you get lowell, you have to plan for somebody else to play third for at least 1/4 of the time, probably more. i also would rather have feliz because he's less likely to break down and the phils don't have anyone that can reliably fill in for an extended period of time.

GM-Carson said...

Phils already have Greg Dobbs on the roster next year and he can be plugged into play 3rd to give Lowell some time off. Also, any utility infielder signed should be able to handle 3rd base duties every once in awhile too.

Dr. Steve said...

I'd grab Lowell if it meant giving up NOTHING.

Lowell is who we should have grabbed off the Florida fire sale. You know, their legendary fire sales that we got NO ONE from, though we did get Urbina down the line and he was in Florida. Yeah, great job there.

Lowell is a nice plan. It is obvious no one in the free market pool this year is a fit for the city. The Phillies need to DRAFT a third baseman. They've needed to for the past four years.

Didn't they draft an infielder last year? How is he?

Bob D said...

Lowell is ok for next to nothing in return. But if they could get a bullpen arm or a utility infielder thrown in the trade then yeah it maybe an option to trade. The Sox do have a number of good bullpen arms so they maybe able to part with 1 of them. There should be several teams that have 3B avail for trade some whic are much younger.

GM-Carson said...

I'm not trying to see Lowell as a great 3rd baseman. But looking at the free agent crop and some of the other trade options (Atkins from Colorado) and Lowell seems to be like a solid 1 year option for the Phils.

SirAlden said...

Lowell 36
Figgins 32
DeRosa 36
Tejada 46
Beltre 31

I like Lowell to share a bit with Dobbs - if they are both healthy. I like Lowell more than DeRosa
who really is a bad fielder who strikes out a lot.

Figgins who is a Type A Batting Lead off, would have made a difference last year,

Beltre has arguably the best glove in the game at the hot corner. His career 13.3 UZR/150.

32 years old, and 31 years old, are the game changing options for the Phillies. The first is a Type A. The Second a type B. I like them both.

Matty said...

My two biggest concerns with Lowell are his durability and his defense. If he goes down for any significant period of time, you're paying him for nothing and don't have the offense he provides. He is a stop-gap measure at best.

Joe said...

I watch Mike Lowell play 100+ games for Boston over the last number of seasons. I think he would be a great addition to the Phillies. His range is down (but with Jimmy next to him that is neutralized). His hands are among the best. And a return to the NK would revitalize his bat. I love the idea. The sox want to dump Lowell and move Youk to third. Give me the two headed monster of Lowell and Dobbs.