Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Live To Play Another Day

Awesome- Chase Utley. He has hit 5 homeruns this World Series, tying Mr. October Reggie Jackson for the record. Add in his 2 homeruns from the '08 WS and he has 7, which is a record for secondbaseman.

Record Setter- We're used to Ryan Howard setting records for homeruns, rbi, and strikeouts during the regular season. After his 2 k's last night, he now shares the World Series strikeout record with Willie Wilson at 12 apiece. I'm willing to put money on Howard surpassing him by the 5th inning of Game 6 Wednesday night.

Quitter?- Cole Hamels. After Saturday's crapfest he said he couldn't wait for his season to be over. Last night he offered this-
"Sometimes I might not say the best things or the smartest things, but I've learned and am learning. I wasn't able to sleep the past couple of nights because of it. I went to Charlie just to talk to him because that's who I am, and I think he understands that. I just wanted to tell him my true thoughts -- that I'll never ever quit. I want to play this game until somebody takes it away from me."

Believe it or not, I'm going to cut him some slack. He's a young kid, just had a baby, went through a very difficult season after dominating the entire way through 2008. He's frustrated, he's just venting. He doesn't want the Phillies to lose so he can go home, he wants the Phils to win and then after the celebration he'll go home and regroup. Bottom line, we need Cole Hamels and booing him mercilessly will not help the situation.

Rude- Brett Myers. Following last night's victory, Mr. Classy himself Brett Myers passed Cole Hamels in the clubhouse and said, "'What are you doing here? I thought you quit." Sure, he said exactly what many fans have been thinking, but you're his teammate, your team just won Game 5 and are heading back to the Bronx to try to win 2 more. Don't need to go pissing off the probable Game 7 starter.

Joe Cool- Never would have expected the season to come down to a Pedro Martinez pitching performance when it started way back in April, but then again, I wouldn't have guessed it come down to a Cliff Lee start for the Phils either. Pedro gets the ball on Wednesday in New York, likely facing Andy Pettitte. Pedro has been Mr. Cool since joining the Phillies, and I anticipate him adding to that legacy tomorrow night.



Derek said...

Cut him some slack for having a baby??? Why dont you just get on your knees for him. Brett spoke for all the fans. As for Pedro....I am seeing 2innings, Happ 3innings, Blanton 1inning, Eyre 1inning, Madson 1inning and Myers to close it out.

Player of game 6.....RRRUUUUUUU!!

GM-Carson said...

It's not just about the baby, it's about everything. Cole had a bad season by his standards and is having an even worse postseason. Naturally he's frustrated and wants it all to end so he can start fresh. He's not giving up, he's not quitting, he just wants it to be over so he can clear his head and come back and pitch like he's capable of in 2010. Also, he's not shying away from taking the ball in Game 7 (if necessary), he wants it, and I'll be rooting my ass off for him if he's the one Charlie chooses.

Derek said...

Charlie will chose lee. no doubt about it.

GM-Carson said...

On 2 days rest? No way. Lee might be available for an inning or two, but not to start.

Joe said...

Lee is your Game 7 closer, unless all hell breaks lose in 6. All other hands on deck.

Pedro is healthy (no flu), rested (regular rest, no 130+ pitch game recently), and talented enough for this moment.

I like what Myers said. I don't like that it got out to the public. Someone needs to give Hamels a gut-check. I would use Happ in Game 7, again, unless needed in 6.

Victorino's finger worries me. X-ray or not. If he can't swing a bat, that hurts. At least it's an AL park, so Fancisco isn't needed to hit for the pitcher.

I like our chances.

Derek said...

Trust me lee will start game 7. 3 days rest!
As for shane...he is a trooper...he chewed charlie out last night for pulling him. If it takes shane to use crutches to bat he will. As for Happ game 7....only if the yankees are pitching eaton.

GM-Carson said...

Wait, when the hell did Eaton become a Yankee?

Seriously though, gotta win Wednesday to even worry about what to do Thursday. I think Pedro is up to the task too, and Pettitte on short rest could be do for a playoff implosion.

I don't necessarily mind what Myers said to Hamels, it's when he said it and where. He said it in front on a room full of media following a win. He should have addressed him privately prior to the game if he felt so compelled to say it.

Dr. Steve said...

Getting on Hamels case is important. He shouldn't play another game this season if offered though.

Looks like the potential Game 7 will be postponed, but any thinking about that right now is foolish. I think Pedro will have another good outing, but the Phillies hitters need to keep doing what they did in Game 5. The Yankees pitchers are on short rest, so the Phillies need to chase them from the game early - ESPECIALLY if they want to face tired pitchers in Game 7. I think it is imperative to get high pitch counts via walks AND to score runs early. I mean, it is easy to say that as a strategy for every game, but this needs to be the plan for this game.

Runs are how the Phillies win. Plus, I don't want a close game going into the 9th, or 7th. Our bullpen is tired, and they aren't reliable. Scoring runs is the name of the game for the Phillies. I'll see you all Wednesday. Go Phils.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Maybe Brett pissing off Cole is exactly what he needs because he sure as hell hasn't shown any competitive fire this postseason, with the exception of visually berating his teammates for not turning a double play. Perhaps he can translate the anger from Myers into some fuel to turn things around. I have no problem with this whatsoever. Brett wanted to be out there, and he was left off the NLCS roster. He's an asshole, but he cares and would take the ball in a second if Charlie handed it to him. He knows what it's like getting it taken away, so I think he had every right to speak up to Cole.

SirAlden said...

Cut him some slack for too many innings last year.

Myers is a punk. More unearned money from the Phillies than Millwood.

What is interesting to me is not that C.C. is going on short rest,
but what I fully came to realize:

Girardi also had Burnett on short rest last night, and he was not even close to himself in game two,
and Pettit going on short rest in game 6.

He should have started Gaudin last night, and had a Rested Burnett for game 6, and CC and Pettit for tag team lefties in game 7.

I think 3 times will be the charm for Pedro who deserved to have wins in his first two Playoff Starts.

That will make for a Ruckus - All Hands on DECK Game 7, with 3 Phillies Lefties = Hamels - Happ - and a short rest (less innings) Lee.

Amazing if it happens.

SirAlden said...

Phillies have scored 24 runs - Yankees 25.

GM-Carson said...

From The Zo Zone:
"A report last night that Brett Myers and Hamels had a heated exchange has been refuted by a Phillies official and a media member present when it happened. (Myers couldn't immediately be reached to comment.) Myers walked past Hamels and said, "What are you doing here? I thought you quit?" An important note: Myers and Hamels are friends. It seems to be a case of a bad joke at a bad time because when Hamels responded with an expletive, some took this as the two sniping at each other other."

Dammit, if we can't trust the media, who can we trust?

Seriously though, the Hamels quote was poorly timed and worded, but it was also made to be a bigger story than need be by the media running with it out of context. Sounds like they've done the same thing with the Myers/Hamels exchange last night. They're friends and could have just been f'ing with eachother. Friends do that, but he media sees it and instantly blows it up out of context again and makes it the headline. And both times I fell into the trap.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Fuck it, win two more and no one cares about any of this, whether it's a tiff or just friends dickin around.

Fuck the Yankees.

Jeremy said...

I would start Cole but have a very very short leash for him. As for Brett I like his style. I like brash but I agree it was not smart to make that comment in front of the media. I would also disagree with the comment that Myers has more unearned money than Eaton.

I really hope Pedro brings it. He does deserve the start and the win. Our offense is clicking after last night so that needs to continue.

I hate close games with our bullpen.

GM-Carson said...

I have this feeling Pettitte will be burned like Burnett, out before the end of the 5th.

GM-Carson said...

More on the Myers/Hamels ordeal from The Zo Zone:
"He's my buddy. The bottom line is nothing happened and nothing ever will happen between us," Myers said.

That is a common response from Myers and others in the Phillies clubhouse when somebody asks where somebody is. A few minutes later as Hamels and Casterioto stood in front of Hamels' locker, Myers walked past and said, "What are you doing here? I thought you quit?" Hamels, who was unavailable to comment, replied with an expletive, which even took Myers off guard. Hamels is sensitive to the word "quit" these days after he told reporters following Game 3 of the World Series that he couldn't wait for the season to end. Myers said he was unaware of Hamels' comments following Game 3, although the comments have upset some players inside the Phillies clubhouse.

"I apologized for really bad timing," Myers said. "I also told him that he was talking to the master of people taking things out of context, so he shouldn't worry what people think or write. I told him that if we get to Game 7 and he gets to pitch and he dominates, nobody will give a crap about what he said."

Scottie said...

Myers' joke was bad, but it was just that - a bad joke. It would be interesting to somehow win tomorrow and then have Thursday's game rained out - meaning the possibility of 3 day rested Lee against normal rested CC. Oh well, that is getting too far ahead, we're asking a lot of an ex-Met in Pedro, I just hope the bats show up because I have a feeling this will be a slugfest - c'mon Howard, WAKE UP!!!

GM-Carson said...

Good article on what Cole Hamels really meant during his postgame interview the other night.