Friday, November 06, 2009

Jayson Werth Goes Commerical

I know you probably hate the Free Credit commercials...I have grown tired of them myself. Something about that lip-syncing fruity French-Canadian singer that irks me. Anyway, pay particularly close attention to the drummer of this tenuous threesome and you will find none other than Jayson Werth. Werth looks like he likes to rock, but I figured him more of the Motorhead or AC/DC breed, not some pop-a-licious jingle band.

Other Phillies to go Commercial:



SirAlden said...

Dear Corey and Carson,

Thank you for WSBGM's. WSBGM's added to rooting for the Phillies
truely is greater than the SUM of It's Parts.

Now let the OFF-SEASON Hot Stove Begin!

From GM-Carson "Free agents- Bruntlett, Eyre, Ho Park, Stairs, Martinez, Myers, Bako, and I believe Durbin.

I want Eyre back and Chan Ho Park if the price is right.

Feliz has a $5M option that I'm praying the Phils don't exercise."

Priorities - For me the #1 Signing in this Group should be Park, then Pedro, then Eyre.

Special Case - Myers super low contract 3M or less for 1 year
to see if he can become an 8th inning man with the balls Madson lacks.

Neutrals - Bako calls a good game which is important - who do you want Rod Barajas? Durbin seemed to be useful. Both are Meh's but not to be scorned.

Thank you I will always remember you - Matt Stairs

Get the Hell out of my house - Bruntlett

Feliz has a $5M option that I'm praying the Phils THAT THEY DO EXECISE. He had 82 RBI's and 62 Runs scored from the 7th spot while playing top shelf Defense.

Exercise it - if you find someone better (I do not see anyone at the moment who is available) be comes a Trade Piece. Trade Pieces are valuable.

Now to yesterdays post --

Dear Dr. Steve,

As Bill Clinton would say in a
an Arkansas accent - "I feel your pain." - I do disagree about whom you are directing it towards.

Martinez - "He was a total failure and isn't really a Philly anyway after that performance."

Steve - Steve - Steve....

He was 5-1 down the stretch, while Lee was in a funk. He might have been the single most stretch pitching reason why we have the 3rd Division Flag in a row.

In the post season he was our second best starter after Lee and should have had a Victory against
the Dodgers and the Yankees.

"He was a total failure." is not correct. He came out in Game Six and did not have his Fastball. He still had his control. He handled the famed Yankees, except for a man on a Mission - Matsui (on his last day as a Yankee) who was
has been injured, and marginalized, and not appreciated for all the production he gave to the Franchise, and with all that focus and anger - twice beat Martinez.

Let it be heard far and wide, that we lost game six because of the RELIEF CORP, who came in after
Pedro, and did not shut the door.

That is why we lost the entire Series, because the RELIEF CORP.

With everything Pedro can teach our younger pitchers, I hope we sign him and have him on a light schedule. 2 years at low money,
would send the right signal to other Free-Agents. Pedro knows he is not going to get another 10 Mil a year contract, he has already said that he has enough money.

Remember Eyre's post World Series Comments that - Philadelphia was #1 at the top of his list of his NO TRADE LIST. He is like many other Pitchers. How we embrace Pedro shows the kind of people we are.

We need a Pedro - not a Moyer and hope, (Moyer in the pen rested is the best use) and another 1A Starter to Four Pete. (Lee too).

We have Blanton - Moyer and two very good corner outfielders in the Minors to trade for the likes of Roy Halladay.

As for Pedro Feliz - how soon we forget David Bell. Name me a 3rd Baseman that can field as well, who hits better, who is actually available. 3rd Baseman used to be more plentiful. Feliz's stats out of the 7th spot in the batting order he created 82 RBI's and 62 Runs scored. Show me how many batters in the 29 Major League Teams out produced him in those stats. ZERO.

Next year's #1 key is someone like Halladay to replace Blanton or shockingly even Hamels atop the rotation - someone in the bottom of the rotation like Pedro, - and fixing the Bench Bruntlett and Stairs (maybe Gentleman Jim).

SirAlden said...

The Phillies' bullpen as a whole had a 5.74 ERA during the World Series.

SirAlden said...

Chad Durbin, Clay Condrey and Tyler Walker are arbitration-eligible,

Dr. Steve said...

1. I didn't forget about David Bell. But how does he make Pedro Feliz a good player? Just because Pedro is a good fielder doesn't mean the Phillies can't have a good fielder AND a good hitter.

2. Martinez pitched ONLY down the stretch, and his arm was dead in the last two games of the playoffs. If he began pitching in Spring Training the guy wouldn't get to June before going 4 innings or less.

And I love Myers, but I want new blood.

As for the commercial, it's clearly the star of Big Wolf on Campus.

SirAlden said...

So, if not Feliz, then who will play third?

There are some free-agent options out there. Mark DeRosa, Adrian Beltre, Joe Crede, Melvin Mora and Troy Glaus filed for free agency yesterday, and over the next two weeks, Chone Figgins will join them.

1. Figgins
2. Beltre
3. DeRosa - will not match D, runs and RBI's

Crede - Mora - Glaus all old and injury prone.

GM-Carson said...

Apparently, and thankfully in my opinion, the Phillies told Brett Myers his services will not be retained. Thanks for the good and bad memories, but so long!

Also, Cliff Lee's option has been picked up...duh.

And by the way, I'd like Adrien Beltre for 3rd, or dream scenario- Chone Figgins.

SirAlden said...

Brett Myers will not be back with the Phillies in 2010.

He said this afternoon that Ruben Amaro Jr. informed him that he would not be re-signed.

Aaron said...


HE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what are you all thinking? seriously Beltre has been awful for years. He doesn't hit for average or power anymore. he basically had one real good season and has sucked ever since.

I want Chone! We need a guy who is a real lead off hitter scores runs steals bases and most importantly gets on base. Slide J-roll down in the lineup use him to help break up the big 3 lefties in our lineup vs. a tough lefty

out lineup vs. a righty