Monday, November 16, 2009

From Paris To Philly

For some odd reason, WSBGMs has an obsession with Steve Jeltz. The hair, the classic array of baseball cards, the switch hitting prowess, the Frenchyness...the man had it all.

The Jeltz Chronicles:
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*Jeltzed (collection of baseball cards)

*WSBGMs Hall of Fame (he was on the 1st ballot)

*My Ultimate Lineup (Jeltz is the starting SS on Corey's squad)



Dr. Steve said...


1. If the Phillies don't sign a top level free agent, do they use their first round pick on a third baseman? I'd say yes.

2. If they don't sign a decent long-term third baseman, do they resign Feliz for a year? I'd say yes.

3. Do the Phillies offer one of their three minor league outfielders in a trade? Maybe.

4. Will they cut Ibanez's playing time in the final year of his contract to give one of those outfielders playing time? Yes.

5. Shane Victorino signing a long term contract? Yes.

6. Other draft advice - if none of the current outfield talent can be converted to third base, draft one. If none can, go for the best third baseman/infielder available. Aside from that, draft picks in pitching are advisable, though a long-term development short stop is a good idea as well.

7. Bullpen!

GM-Carson said...

I doubt we see any trades happening in regards to players currently on the 25-man roster. The Phillies got a good thing going, they just need to plug holes (3rd, backup catcher, relief).

Dr. Steve said...

That is why I said they'd trade on of their three MINOR LEAGUE outfielders. You know, in their top 5 prospects, there's three outfield prospects. And the Phillies have Victorino blocking one spot, and Werth potentially blocking the other. So they don't need all three... technically.

GM-Carson said...

Honestly, I see them letting Victorino walk via free agency in a year or two. Dom Brown, Gose, or Taylor will be ready by then and if one of them can't handle CF, Werth can bump over.

Dr. Steve said...

Really? You don't see Victorino as part of their core?

As much as I love Jimmy and want him to retire as a Philly, you know that doesn't happen anymore. He's the guy I see being let go first out of the current team (not including Ibanez who is a given.) When is Rollins contract up?

(Although, it's very odd, Utley, Howard, Victorino, and Rollins are all in the same age range of 28-30. Rollins just had three pro years on the rest of them. Werth is also 30.)

So who knows who will be dropped?

Preserve Jon said...

Wish Granted

GM-Carson said...

No More Bruntlett!