Monday, October 05, 2009

WSBGMs Phinal Phantasy Standings

1st- Hoochi Cooches 2nd- Grand Pappies 3rd- Bumpin' Utleys

Place/Team Name/Record/Winning %/Games Back
*1. Hoochie Cooches 170-90-16 .645
*2. Grand Pappies 154-106-16 .587 16
*3. bumpin' utleys 140-119-17 .538 29.5
*4. Stairs' Ass Hammers 151-104-21 .585 16.5
5. Prystline 130-126-20 .507 38
6. World F'in Champs 128-126-22 .504 39
7. Dick Allen Thumpers 136-121-19 .527 32.5
8. Dickie's Thongs 126-124-26 .504 39
9. The Mulholland 45s 125-130-21 .491 42.5
10. Yuengling Lagers 127-134-15 .487 43.5
11. Burrell Priapism 125-135-16 .482 45
12. ScottyBaseball 121-134-21 .476 46.5
13. David Wrong 121-140-15 .466 49.5
14. Asheboro Assholes 119-142-15 .458 51.5
15. Chase Utley's Hip 105-163-8 .395 69
16. jimmysrollers09 86-170-20 .348 82
* = Playoffs

For the second time in three years I won the WSBGMs Phantasy League. I know, I'm awesome, no need to state the obvious I guess. Thanks to all that participated, you made my victory that much sweeter.

NLDS Schedule:
Game 1 10/7 in Philly @ 2:37
Game 2 10/8 in Philly @ 2:37
Game 3 10/10 in Colorado @ 9:37
Game 4 10/11 in Colorado, game time TBD
Game 5 10/13 in Philly, game time TBD
*All games are televised on TBS. Games 4 & 5 will only be played if necessary.



GM-Carson said...

"I'm taking the 'glass half-full' approach because I've seen these guys do it. I've seen them have success. You hope they rise to the occasion and step up and do what they've done in the past.”
-- Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. on his team's bullpen

SirAlden said...

Kudos on your 2 peat GM-Carson !

SirAlden said...

Congratulations to the 5th Most Winningest team in Phillies History.

Only behind 1899, 1976, 1977, and 1993.

For the third year in a row, Howard slugged at least 45 homers and got 140 RBIs. Only Sammy Sosa and Babe Ruth have done that in all of Major League Baseball history. Sosa using drugs.

GM-Carson said...

Howard's numbers sure are gaudy. Wonder why we don't adorn him with more praise on WSBGMs?

Dr. Steve said...

Bekause we kannot see the inkredible kapability that some of own players have bekause we put them under a mikroskope all the time.

GM-Carson said...

It's the nature of the beast.

Dr. Steve said...

Carson, all those K's are there for a reason...

SirAlden said...

Drop the Howard.

SirAlden said...

If Howard were White, like Thome in his Prime, noooooone would be
talking K's.

It is only Natural for me playing
3B because Mike Schmidt did. I did not imagine myself as Garry Maddox.

It is not deeply rooted in hatred
it is just natural.

I love seeing posts on
where kids say - "Let's Trade Him for a Pitcher."

Take 140 HR's, 423 RBI's, 304 Runs, and 991 Total Bases away from this team in the last three years, and there are Zero First Place Finishes. 100 Years from
now when our Record Reached .500
Fans will be studying these 3 Years.

We are witnessing a Heroic, display. Simply Heroic. Beyond
Epic Proportions. Only Chuck Klein
can be in the same Photo.

If Howard Struck out every single time he made an out the value is clearly the same, RBI's RUNS, Victories.

AND, his Batting average was within .003 Points of Chase Utley
this year.

Let's hope that Chase is able to
rest and recover this off-season
and Ryan will all the Phillies have continued health.

Dr. Steve said...

What the fuck did you bring race into this for? The notion that someone hates on a player based on race, while it exists, is not something I think matters to real sports fans. Bringing it up HERE of all places is a travesty. I mean I could list a thousand players that people hate on of both races to disprove your moronic point.

Also, people in Philadelphia ALWAYS ragged on Thome for striking out, especially in meaningful situations.

Now, there are athletes in Philadelphia who I think get a pass by some people I hear on 610 for their race. I am not going to deny the idea, but it is not something that would happen on here.

Also, go look at how quickly the Philadelphia fans have embraced Ray Emery, one of the few black hockey players. Know why they embraced him? Because he fucking KICKS ASS!! Racism in Philadelphia Sports is a nonissue. We hate on people who don't perform. And hating on Ryan Howard for his high strikeout rate is completely justified - he does have the most strikeouts in baseball.

Dr. Steve said...

Also, people were really bitching at the Phillies for signing Jim Thome when they found out how good Ryan Howard was. They were also complaining that Howard was called up so late, missed out on so many years in the majors, and that the Phillies had to choke down Thome's salary.

Race has nothing to do with it.

GM-Carson said...

My complaints of Ryan Howard have nothing to do with race, but everything to do with his strikeouts and poor defense. However, I know he is much more than that, and there's no way in hell I'd want to trade him. He's one a handful of difference makers in the Majors, where he being a single player can carry a team for a portion of time. I appreciate him.