Saturday, October 24, 2009

Would you rather...?

The Phillies wrapped up their 2009 World Series berth this past Wednesday and still have until this coming Wednesday to prepare for their opponent. Who will that opponent be? Well, that's still up in the air. But today we ask you the question- Which team do you want the Phillies to face in the World Series?

Option 1- New York Yankees
A storybook history of 27 titles, billions of dollars spent, droves of Hall-of-Famers, and a current cast of all-stars with the most prolific offense in the game today. To be the best, you have to beat the best. Winning the World Series pitted against the Yanks would be ultra-sweet. Jeter, A-Rod, Mo Rivera, Posada, Damon, CC, Pettitte, Teix...would love knocking them down a few notches.

Option 2- Los Angeles Angels
First hailing from California, then Anaheim, then Los Angeles of Anaheim, now finally after much legal drama just LA. This team doesn't get a lot of respect but the fact remains that they dominate the American League West. Local boy Mike Scioscia at the helm, ex-Phillie Bobby Abreu shags flies in RF, and the always amusing Vlad Guerrero at DH.

Option 3- Bad News Bears
They have that girl pitcher who won an Oscar, the man-child that played a creepy Rorschach in Watchmen, a drunk coach, and a bunch of foul-mouthed youngsters. Don't underestimate them.

Which team do you want the Phillies to face in the World Series?
New York Yankees
Los Angeles Angels
Bad News Bears free polls



GM-Carson said...

I voted Yanks. I'd love to beat them, just to shut their fans and media up and give the Phils the full credibility they deserve.

SirAlden said...

Yankees all the way.

4-0 Sweep to erase the 1950 Whiz Kids World Series with the Yankees.

Placing this team solidly in Baseball History's Pantheon.

SirAlden said...

October 6, 2009 at 7:57 PM

Phillies (3-1) in 4 games over the Rockies. Chase Utley MVP.

Phillies (4-2) over the Cardinals. Home cookin’ Ryan Howard MVP

Phillies sweep the Yankees (4-0) in their new Wiffle Ball Park to revenge the 1950 “Wiz Kids” World Series – repeating as WFC’s. Ryan Howard MVP.

** Phillies over Rockies 3-0, Phillies over Dodgers not Cardinals 4-1, but got Ryan Howard's MVP right. **

GM-Carson said...

Strangely enough the Bad News Bears are beating out the Halos in this poll, but the majority wants to bring on the Yanks.

GM-Carson said...

Just read Cliff Lee's agent is looking for a contract extension with the Phils beyond just next season's $8M option.

Also, the Phils are mauling offering Pedro Martinez a potential multi-year deal. Wait, what?! I love having Pedro around, and would love him back another season, but didn't Amaro just get done making this mistake with the Ancient One, Jamie Moyer?

Zac said...


only 26 Titles for the Yanks... Thankfully I don't buy into jinxes... but NY will NOT be getting no. 27 this year!

Game 6 is postponed, stealing another day of rest away from the AL Champs... a nice bonus for the defending Champs.

Dr. Steve said...


Happ, Hamels, Lee, Blanton

That means we have room for one more pitcher. Moyer (no) Pedro (no) Drabek or someone else in our minors? YES.

Pedro can go in as a relief pitcher, and I know he can shine in big games, but there's just no reason or room for him in the starting rotation. I want to win this for Pedro, but I don't think he can play a whole season.

Bob D said...

Angels are 3rd in this poll Nice.
Not worried about next years staff yet. but most of the team will be back again. Phils look strong for the world series

GM-Carson said...

I feel silly for giving the Yanks 27 championships when they only have 26, oops.

Aaron said...

It's the Yanks...........and its on like tron and donkey kong!!!!!!

LET GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!