Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wagner Listens To Too Much Kansas

I love Billy Wagner.

I thought we could take a break from playoff fever and Rockies talk (especially because I got to see two innings from the last three games...) and talk about our old friend because he had some interesting comments yesterday. When asked if he might retire, The Rat had this response:

"Why wouldn't I? I've got nothing else to [accomplish]."

Makes sense to me. Rookie of the Year. Cy Young. MVP. World Series Champion. Great reputation as a "gamer" and "clubhouse leader." The man has done it all, right? But doesn't he want to get to 400 saves? Apparently not.

"That's just dust in the wind," Wagner said.


The problem, though, is that Billy Wagner isn't retiring. Alpacas are expensive. He needs money. He also needs someone to listen to him say ridiculous things and throw his teammates under buses. Alpaca farmers rarely get interviewed. So fear not everyone, there will be more stupid Wagner quotes to laugh about next year because the Phillies wayward son will carry on next season. Guaranteed.



Dr. Steve said...

Fucking Wagner. I wonder what would have happened if the Phillies picked him up before September.

GM-Carson said...

I so want to rock out to some Kansas right now.

Bob D said...

Chan Ho Park may be placed on roster Thursday. That means a reliever get set off the roster. Likely canidates include: Durbin, Kendrick and Bastardo. Bastardo will likely be the one only if they designate Happ for the pen only. Otherwise Kendrick maybe out.

SirAlden said...

These are the Days...

Phillie Phans thank you Pat Gillick

Smashin' Pumpkins

early emo but hey.

I miss Furious Ball and the Lad from Down Under. What was his name?
Had a running guy avatar.

GM-Carson said...

Furious Ball still reads, but hardly comments. I've recently had email contact with him.

BloodStripes was the Aussie.

I miss him and BenJah.