Thursday, October 01, 2009

Things 2 Root 4 & Roundup

The Philadelphia Phillies just got done wrapping up their 3rd straight National League East division championship. To think, some idiots were in panic mode a couple days ago. With 4 games remaining in the regular season there are some things to straighten out: bullpen, rotation, and bench (the 25-man playoff roster). Those issues can be addressed another day, so lets kick back and enjoy the moment...

Things 2 Root 4:
*Ryan Howard to commit The Howard.

*NL's best record for home field advantage throughout the NL portion of playoffs (Dodgers- 93 wins, Phillies- 92 wins, Cardinals- 90 wins).

*Jayson Werth to score 5 more runs and collect 3 more rbi to reach 100 for each category.

*Jimmy Rollins to get on base safely via walk or hit. He needs 3 more points to get to a .300 on base %.

*Matt Stairs to get a start and hit an upperdeck moonshot.

*Eric Bruntlett to hit for the cycle. C'mon it would be awesome, admit it.

*Brad Lidge to lock down a 1-run lead with a 1-2-3 flawless inning.


Jamie Moyer will turn 47 in November, and he is signed for next year at $8 million. However, he will not be on the postseason roster because he needs surgery to repair 3 torn muscles in his groin and abdomen. Grand Pappy is expected to be back by spring training, but here's to hoping the Phils repeat as World Champs and he retires. Asked if a pitcher his age could expect a full recovery, Dr. Ciccotti said: "This injury does occur at all ages in professional pitchers. And the results are pretty consistent, regardless of age group."

This guy has been getting plenty of intense!

Here's your thirsty Thursday...

...consider yourself quenched. Until October 7th that is.



Corey said...

here is what i would do if i was jamie moyer - get the surgery, rehab, go to spring training, pitch like crap, say the injury is still bothersome and spend the year on the DL collecting the millions without pitching.

Kevin McGuire said...

Congratulations to the Phillies!

GM-Carson said...

I'd do the same if I were Moyer. Walking away from $8 mil ain't easy.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

damn it feels good to be a gansta

Dr. Steve said...

Why do you guys think it was classy to bring Lidge in? I don't understand that. I'd be pretty insulted if I was Eyre.

GM-Carson said...

It was symbolic to bring in Lidge. Also, it may have just boosted his self-esteem enough to become a slight bit more effective for the stretch drive, and if it works, then so be it.

GM-Carson said...

For what it's worth, and to me a lot, Hoochie Cooches is winning the World Series of WSBGMs Phantasy Baseball League III. 4 more days to go until sweet victory!

SirAlden said...

What I think might go unnoticed about bringing in Lidge, is
how it makes the other 24 players
on the roster feel.

If you were one of those players,
you would go through fire for Cholly.


Nicholas said...

Carson, the comeback is coming. You are going down :)

GM-Carson said...

What am I missing here? What comeback, what have I done?

nhermansader said...

I'm the Grand Pappies the Phantasy League.

GM-Carson said...

Strange lineup, Francisco leading off with Bruntlett 2nd and J-Roll 3rd? Ah well, lets go for the win!

njh723 said...

what? why aren't we going for first place in the NL?

Andrew said...

as bad and rocky as this season has been (i.e. bullpen) we clinched with the same number of wins as we won total last season and that was one win over clinching. Meaning, if we win just one game this weekend, we still have a better record than the year we were WFCs. Interesting.

No worries about the gambling sites. I can still read your site in the early hours.

mattdana said...

Heads up: is stealing your blog posts, without even linking back to the original post. They're doing it to my blog too, and I'm spreading the word to all the sites they're stealing from.

They stole this post verbatim. Their complete copy, including an by-line which says "by RotoInfo" is here:

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mattdana said...

Sorry for the followup comment, but just wanted to say - if you need help going after these guys, let me know. I'm pissed and motivated.

GM-Carson said...

Those sneaky bastards!

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