Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playoff Howard, Forecast, & Eyre

The vaunted Derek Jeter, Mr. New York himself, committed a playoff edition of The Howard last night in the Yankees wacky win over the Angels. Too bad ESPN's Baseball Tonight or the MLB Network hasn't picked up on this stat yet, or we'd have ourselves one helluva story.

If you live in PA you know how crappy the weather has been over the past few is no different. High 30's to low 40's, rain, damp, chilly. Game time is set for 8:07 with Cliff Lee facing Hiroki Kuroda, but the weather may dictate otherwise. According to it's supposed to rain all day in Philly with game time temperature around 42 (feels like 34) with 60% chance of showers and 15 mph wind. Stupid rain.

Scott Eyre is awesome. He's been outstanding since joining the Phillies bullpen late last season, and when healthy is very reliable. Turns out he's a decent and entertaining writer as well. Check out Eyre's playoff blog. He's open, honest, and funny.

Jim Thome was 0-for-7 in his career against me when I faced him in the eighth. I just left a slider over the plate. It didn't break. I watched the video and it just cement-mixed spun up there and he hit it. It was bad mechanics. My arm was down low. It should have been higher. If it's up higher I drive the ball down and get that break. If I throw a good one he either rolls it over to first or swings and misses. He just filleted it into right field. He didn't even hit it that good.

We'll try to relax on the flight home, eat the nasty food on the plane and move on. We split. You'd love to go 2-0 on the road. 0-2 stinks. But we're going home to play three with our fans with a split. Wear your winter coats and be ready. We'll need you.

It got a little intense out there, didn't it? Especially for me. I drank a Red Bull in the fifth inning and said to myself, "Man, this thing didn't do anything for me today." And then I started warming up in the eighth inning and the Red Bull kicked in hard. When I got on the mound I was like, "Whoa, man. I'm wired right now." I had to step back. Sometimes you get that much adrenaline going ...



GM-Carson said...

Whoever has Tom Brady in the WSBGMs Phantasy Phootball league just went Yahtzee! Dude threw 5 TD's in just the 2nd period. 45-0 at half.

Aaron said...

Welcome to Philly Bitches.

GM-Carson said...

11-0...pure awesomeness!

Andrew said...

so why did Lee bat in the 8th but not pitch the 9th? I see his ever so important pitch count was 114, but why not just let him finish the game at that point? Awesome game, anyway. Lets hope for 2 more quick ones! Tonight Blanton attempts to double the number of career homeruns he has hit!

Bob D said...

A Blanton Hr would be priceless!

I thought they should have removed Lee after 7 just to keep him fresh for a game 7. But yeah that was a surprise to hit then take him out. But maybe he was tired from running the bases as he did get a hit. That game was purely spectacular on the Phillies behalf.

Everything they did well: pitch, hit, defense. TBS kept talking about how shaky Utley is on defense with his throws but he is fine. Those 2 errors were just flukes. He's not Steve Sax with the mental throwing problem that developed halfway thru his career.

GM-Carson said...

Lee will actually be pitching game 6 (if necessary), because he'd still be on regular rest since it's not until Friday.