Friday, October 16, 2009

Phlashback Phriday: October 16, 1993

Venue: SkyDome- Toronto, Canada.
Event: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Toronto Blue Jays Game 1 of 1993 World Series.

1. Lenny Dykstra- CF
2. Mariano Duncan- 2B
3. John Kruk- 1B
4. Dave Hollins- 3B
5. Darren Daulton- C
6. Jim Eisenreich- RF
7. Ricky Jordan- DH
8. Milt Thompson- LF
9. Kevin Stocker- SS
Pitchers- Curt Schilling (starter), David West, Larry Andersen, and Roger Mason.

This 1993 Phils squad was known as Macho Row, but they weren't tough enough to take down the Blue Birds to start the '93 World Series. Schilling got shelled for 7 runs (6 earned) in 6.1 innings, while Al Leiter threw 2.2 shutdown innings for Toronto to pick up the win. Kruker and Duncan had 3 hits apiece for the Phightins, but that wasn't enough to stop the high-powered offense of the Jays led by Rickey Henderson, Joe Carter, John Olerud, Paul Molitor, and Roberto Alomar. Final score 8-5, bad guys win.

Of Note:
Starting leftfielder Milt Thompson is now the Phillies hitting coach, Mariano Duncan coaches for the Dodgers, Dave Hollins was just recently signed as a scout by the Phils, John Kruk has a sweet Baseball Tonight gig on ESPN, Darren Daulton thinks the world is going to end in 2012, and Lenny Dykstra is a broke-ass scumbag.

Last Night:
There's plenty to bitch about last night, but the bottom line is they won game 1 of the NLCS and put themselves in a good position for the rest of the series. Sure Cole Hamels continued to look like crap, as hitters either sat on his fastball or change-up, because his curveball has less bite than a dead pitbull. And yes, Ryan Madson still has the deer-in-headlights demeanor on the mound that causes fans to go into cardiac arrest. But they won, and really that's all that matters. There were positives too: Chooch, Raul, Howard, Chan Ho Park, and Lidge. One more negative- the game took 4 hours to play, that's ridiculous!

Pedro Martinez (5-1) pitches for the first time in about half a month (last pitched September 30). He'll be opposed by the switch-hitting Nicaraguan Vicente Padilla (12-6). Since Pedro is a righty, that means Padilla will be swinging lefty, and I do believe that's his contact side. Game time 4:07 in sunny Los Angeles, with temperatures around 90...meanwhile it's low 40's and raining here.



Corey said...

what a terrific game last night. i agree that four hours is too long for a baseball game, but when they are as entertaining as that one, i don't mind.

i didn't think hamels pitched badly last night. if rollins-utley complete that double play he gets out of the inning unscathed and his line looks way better. my biggest issue with hamels was his bitchy attitude he showed when the DP was botched. throwing his hand in the air and making faces was bush. i know emotions run high but he needs to keep his composure better. he embarrassed his fielders then didn't have the fortitude to battle through the rest of the inning.

thoroughly impressed with chan ho park. good velocity. good command. in a pressure spot too. that was huge.

the strike zone was horrible last night. it benefited the phils more than hurt the, so i shouldn't complain too much, but the game wouldn't have gone 4 hours if some more strikes were called. of course, kershaw couldn't find the plate for two innings so it wasn't all the umpires fault. but the zone was so tight if jamie moyer were pitching he would not have made it out of the first inning.

ryan madson is not making a good case to finish a game the rest of this month. and is brad lidge still good for two losses, as some experts predicted?

Andrew said...

The commercials are ridiculous! If all these games are going to be 4 hours for 9 innings, I'm going to be seriously exhausted this month at work.

Crazy to think a few years ago the World Series was started already. My MLB calendar even indicates that in 1938 the Series had already ended a week ago! And I thought Bud had pledged to shorten the postseason! Bastard!

Preserve Jon said...

The legend of Cooch grows. He's officially entered Scott Brosius territory now, right?

Bob D said...

Cooch has been clutch the whole 2nd half and thru out the playoffs.

Howard had a clutch hit and the team was patient at the plate to allow the team to outscore LA even though they were out hit by a good bit.

I agree with Corey that Hamels didn't look bad and he even had some unexpected velocity on his pitches hitting mid to upper 90's. I did take notice to him throw his glove in the dugout.

Durbin, Happ, and Park good job. Lidge was decent as well.

GM-Carson said...

Happ made me nervous last night. First he walked Thome, who he was brought in to face because of lefty-lefty matchup, then he ran a full count on Furcal with the bases loaded. He was missing with his pitches, and it seemed like luck that he got out of that jam unscathed.

And what the hell is Bastardo doing on this playoff roster and actually pitching in big situations?

njh723 said...

yea cant believe bastardo made the team over a guy like myers. i understand we need lefties, but myers put together a pretty good postseason last year and always seems to get pumped up for big games.

how big would it be to go home 2-0 with lee in game 3

GM-Carson said...

I can't stand Brett Myers. I think he's been horrible this season, and the right call was to leave him off the NLCS roster. I would have much rather seen a guy like Condrey or Walker added instead. I know many Phans love Brett, but I truly hope he pitched his last pitch in a Phillies uniform in the NLDS...f' him.

SirAlden said...

Could you guys make a list of
Phillies who have not earned
their Contracts by a WIDE Margin?

Myers is up there certainly over
10s of Millions.

Ass Munch Wolf too.

I would welcome Brett Myers back into the Fold, if he came to his
senses and offered to pitch in
middle relief for next year on a
very low contract. Say 2 M.

Not going to happen though.

GM-Carson said...

I tell what I do want to happen though, Chan Ho reupping with the Phils to be the 7th inning guy next year.

Aaron said...

i didn't think it was possible for me to hate padilla more than i already do......but i do.

GM-Carson said...

87 pitches thrown, 2 hits allowed, no walks, 0 runs, 7 innings. You don't take the pitcher out. Pedro should have been in there for the 8th. Manuel is a f'n idiot!

Why the hell did he use 5 pitchers in the 8th? He doesn't manage like that in the regular season, why start over/micromanaging now?

Chase Utley's arm is horrible lately. Not only has he made two costly errors in two games on would-be double plays, but many of his other throws are nearly out of the reach of the 6'5" Ryan Howard.

Aaron said...


Chan Ho and apparently the entire phillies bullpen can't field a bunt.
Chase Utely suddenly can't throw a ball to first base.

ITS THE GOD DAMN NLCS......WHY THE FUCK IS PEDRO ON A PITCH COUNT WHEN HE'S THROWING A 2 HITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!

After Madson gets a huge strikeout you pull him for Happ???????????

Jimmy Rollins..........GET ON BASE ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't care how well Padilla is throwing lately........HE'S VINCENTE FUCKING PADILLA ......SCORE SOME GOD DAMN RUNS!!!!!

Today's game was a disgrace. And Cholly is infuriating me with the idiodic moves he's been making not just in this game but in the last 3 games they have won as well.

Dr. Steve said...

Why does Charlie love pulling starting pitchers who have given up no runs?

Also Phillies suck.

ripjgarcia said...

Little late or early depending on house you look at for a comment but man.. I've been after this before.. the micromanaging has to go.. Charlie prides himself as a feel guy.. Pedro in the 8th.. shoulda been there.. problems occur, you have backup. Even as it was, Madson gets his head straight and pulls a huge strikeout.. sorry Ryan for your time, but I'm gonna put a starter who I now may have scarred for life in the game... damnit.