Friday, October 02, 2009

Phillies Playoff Roster

The National League Divisional Series begins Wednesday, but the Phillies opponent still is to be determined (could be Rockies or Dodgers). One thing is certain, the Phils are heading to their 3rd straight postseason and have 3 games against the Marlins this weekend to rest some regulars and figure out the construction of the bullpen. Choose wisely Charlie, choose wisely.

Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, and Joe Blanton are set. The decision is between JA Happ and Pedro Martinez for the 4th spot. The non-chosen one will be delegated to bullpen duty. I speculate that will be Happ because of the need for a 2nd lefty with Romero still feeling pain in his forearm.

Here's the crapshoot, with so many pitchers injured and so many that have questionable effectiveness, it is going to be a really tough situation for Charlie and company to sort out. They'll likely go with 8 relievers because of health concerns, and Jamie Moyer, Chan Ho Park, and JC Romero are already out because of injury. That leaves Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson, Scott Eyre, Tyler Walker, Brett Myers, Chad Durbin, Sergio Escalona, Kyle Kendrick, and Clay Condrey. Then the what-if game starts. If Eyre is healthy, then rookie lefty Escalona stays at home. If Myers is fit for action, then Kendrick likely is done for the year. If..., then...etc.

With the Phils likely going with a pitching staff 12 deep, that leaves 13 spots open for positional players. Many of those spots are guaranteed to Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jayson Werth, Raul Ibanez, Pedro Feliz, Carlos Ruiz, Paul Bako, Greg Dobbs, Ben Francisco, and Matt Stairs. That battle for the lone spot is between Eric Bruntlett and Miguel Cairo. Honestly, both are horrible, but you need a utility infielder. I'd go with Cairo, but I have a sneaking suspicion Manuel chooses Brunt.



Preserve Jon said...

Love the old school Fleer team sticker!

Reverend Paul Revere said...

it can't be the cardinals in the division series …

GM-Carson said...

True, I'll go edit that. It's either the Dodgers or Rox.

Dr. Steve said...

Why does Cliff Lee pitch so poorly? You can't throw three quick strikes. Stop trying.

Justin said...

Look, with the majority of Pedro's starts only lasting 4-5 innings anyway, putting him in the pen seems to write itself.

GM-Carson said...

Problem with Pedro in the pen is that he takes an inning to get warmed up and become effective. He's had a rough 1st almost every outing.

ripjgarcia said...

I'm a little miffed that Charlie chose to rest Utley and Victorino last night. The Phillies went into the game 92-66. The Dodgers were a 1/2 game up at 93-66 for overall home field advantage in the NL. We have some of the most energetic, interactive, and loyal fans and we should be trying to use thast to our advantage in the playoffs.

GM-Carson said...

I'd like homefield advantage too, but honestly a fresher lineup bay be more important. I know it's only one game, but if Chuck thinks it'll make a difference then I'll give him the benefit of the doubt*.

*=Can't believe I just said that. Damn, he's come a long way in my eyes.

GM-Carson said...

Via Zolecki's Twitter- Tonight's lineup vs. FLA: Victorino CF, Cairo SS, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Werth RF, Francisco LF, Dobbs 3B, Ruiz C, Blanton P.

GM-Carson said...

I know these games don't really matter too much, but it's very disheartening to see Blanton and Lee's recent performances. Hopefully they have that mythical switch to turn on come playoff time.

Bob D said...

Rotation will likely be Lee, Hamels, Pedro, Blanton with Happ in the pen as the 2nd lefty as Escalona hasnt shown much.
The pen will likely be Lidge, Madson, Eyre, Walker, and Condrey with Myers, Durbin, and Kendrick batttling for the last 2 spots depending on health. If Myers can't go then expect Happ and Pedro flip flop.

Bob D said...

Phillies can only get homefeild advantage with a Rockies sweep (Phils hold a 4-2 record) and the Phils winning thier last 2 games. If the Dodgers win 1 then they are eliminated. Cards cannot have home field advantage. Rockies and Dodgers both could.

GM-Carson said...

It would still be nice to see the team play decent these last 2 games.

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