Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pedro Endorses Polaris

"Concerns?" Martinez said about the weather. "I'm going to enjoy the snow. Maybe I'll be rounding the bases in a snowmobile."

By now you know that it's going to be ball-shriveling cold in Denver tonight. How cold? Below freezing (high 20's) with snow showers. Perfect weather for a 37 year old pitcher that has problems getting warm in non-frigid weather, right? Pedro's 1st inning worriment has been documented (9 ip, 14 h, 6 r, 3 hr, .350/1.095 average/OPS against), so expecting a sun-shiny outcome on an icy-white moonlit night is foolish. Then again, Pedro does love the big stage, and there's no bigger stage than the playoffs. Maybe he'll come out and dominate the snow-capped Rockies lineup and put to bed all those retarded questionable pitching decisions Manuel made in game 2.

Get Well Soon:
Grand Pappy Moyer had surgery to repair his torn groin earlier this week, but he still remains in the hospital with a blood infection. Reports say Jamie is fine, and should be able to head home and get some R&R, until it's time to start rehabbing for his 63rd season in the majors next year of course.

Mr. & Mrs. Hamels welcomed their first born, Caleb Michael Hamels, into the world on Friday morning at 9 AM. Cole's wife, Heidi, went into labor during Thursday's game, which he happened to be the starting pitcher and pitched poorly. I think we should give him a pass considering the circumstances.



GM-Carson said...

Thanks to Corey for the fine photoshopping of Pedro on the snowmobile.

GM-Carson said...

The freakin' game has been postponed. Ridiculous! Now Game 3 will be at Sunday at 10:07, with Game 4 played Monday at an unnamed time.

GM-Carson said...

Happ will now start game 3 (Sunday night) with Lee going game 4 (Monday).

Yeah, I'm commenting to myself today.

Dr. Steve said...

That Pedro picture should be used every time Pedro is mentioned. And who starts a player while their wife is in labor, especially in the playoffs? Stupid, stupid move by Manuel.

Andrew said...

no doubt game 4 will be at 11:00 pm on Monday.

Andrew said...

the full story. Makes me sick how greedy ass that girl is. The physical ball has a value of maybe $200-300 (not thousands, as its stated) and has way more value to Ryan Howard than to anyone else. If I caught it, I would prefer to get an autographed replacement and to meet Ryan! Greedy loser who's clearly not a real fan of baseball

Dr. Steve said...

The VIP tickets have tons of more memories and value to them, as does a signed ball, than the ball Howard hit.

I mean, the VIP Tickets are for a Marlins game, but let's be real - this is a total joke. And that mom will never get anywhere in life with that kind of outlook on life. She gave up free VIP tickets and a signed baseball for something essentially only valuable to one person.