Monday, October 12, 2009

Never a Doubt

I went from semi-happy most of the game (1-7.5 innings), to mad (J-Roll error), to fuming (base hit, Rockies tie the game), to blithering idiot (2-run double, Rockies take a 2-run lead), to depressed (2 outs in the Phils 9th), to excited (Howard's 2-run double, Phils tie), to ape-shit (Werth rbi single, Phils lead), to nervous (Lidge enters game with 2 on, 2 out), to relieved (Lidge gets the save), to completely emotionally drained...which is now, time for bed.

Bring on the Dodgers and the NLCS. Never a doubt!



GM-Carson said...

Here's the previous post that was up for all of about 15 minutes, before I realized my rage lead me to post an ill-timed piece. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now...but no.

Title- What the @%&#?!

Body- Bases loaded twice with only 1 out and failed to produce a single run. What the @%&#?!

Jimmy Rollins can't handle a feed at 2nd base from Utley. What the @%&#?!

Ryan Madson comes in all deer-in-headlights and blows the game. What the @%&#?!

This game may have just cost the Phillies the season. What the @%&#?!

SirAlden said...

Payback Rockies.
One down six to go.

We owe payback to:

Cincinati Reds NLCS 1976.
Los Angeles Dodgers NLCS 1978.
(Not going to count the Expos in
the 1981 Strike Year).

Boston Red Sox 1914.
New York Yankees 1950.
Baltimore Orioles 1983.
Toronto Blue Jays 1993.

Take out the Dodgers and then
the Yankees guys.

SirAlden said...

Jimmy Rollins can't handle a feed at 2nd base from Utley. What the @%&#?!

Carson please. Honestly.
I know you love Chase and
named your child after him.

It was Utley's feed that
was wild. He was throwing
backwards while trying to
get the interference call
from the runner so he is forgiven.

Madson has a .323 BA to the
first batter he faces.
He is awful.

Dr. Steve said...

Where is the confusion and excitement over Eyre being put in?

GM-Carson said...

I wasn't surprised Eyre was put in to start the 9th. The Rox are so lefty-heavy, and Eyre made sense there. Lidge made sense to face Tulo then too. It was a very well managed game by Manuel.

GM-Carson said...

Can't believe we have to sit around and wait until Thursday now.

Bob D said...

Awesome game