Saturday, October 17, 2009


Charlie Manuel is a man who prides himself on going by feel, or as he likes to put it- "his gut". So why in the hell did he micromanage yesterday's loss like he was reading a step-by-step how-to-manage manual?! Pedro Martinez was on a pitch count, so naturally after 7 dominating shutout innings and 87 pitches, he was pulled because he reached the magic number of bullets shot. Who comes up with these damn pitch counts? Would his arm have fallen off had he pitched the 8th and gone about 100 pitches? That's doubtful. It's the postseason, screw pitch counts, you ride that horse until he comes up gimp. In all seriousness, Pedro should have started the 8th, and had a runner reached base, then bring in Chan Ho Park.

That 8th inning was a disaster. 5 pitchers in one inning is micromanaging at its finest worst. I don't think Charlie used 5 pitchers in one inning all season, maybe not even 5 pitchers in 2 innings, so why start doing that crap now? I understand that had Pedro Feliz made that play, or had Park fielded that bunt, or Utley not have botched his second double play in two days, that inning would have turned out quite differently. However, although I fault each of the above for their misplays, I blame Charlie for his poor decisions. I still don't understand bringing in JA Happ. I know it was to face a lefty, but Ryan Madson faced both righties and lefties all season, why start pulling him now when a lefty comes to the plate? Happ was missing his spots horribly the night before, and guess what, his location was just as bad yesterday.

Basically my point is, Charlie did a fine job managing the past two seasons, so he shouldn't deviate from what works. I believe the old saying applies here, "If it's not broke, don't fix it." Pedro wasn't broken, he was flying high, so smoke 'em if you got 'em.



Andrew said...

very disappointing loss. pedro was cruising. I still say Phils in 6

Roy said...

Hopefully, that great performance helps Pedro's chances of resigning with the Phils next year.

It'll be interesting to see if Lee has pressure on him to pitch a CG, instead of leaving it to the pen to finish the game.

GM-Carson said...

I still have confidence the Phils can win the series too, but that was a game that was mismanaged and misplayed.

0lQEa0g_1suhgvv1PKRgv8_h0qDygF4- said...

The refs sucked. They weren't calling strikes. It has been discussed on post game comcast, this is costing games.

Dr. Steve said...

Charlie mismanaged a game last series and they rebounded from it. I think he is getting too confident in his abilities and needs these losses to keep him grounded.

Also, they need to really get Happ and Madson back on track. I don't know what has gotten into them, but I hope it's an easy fix. Happ you can understand being nervous (even though he never showed it before) but Madson? Yeah whatever dude, get your shit in order. Two wins at home would be nice, three would be grand.

SirAlden said...

I think you are right Carson.
The Pinch Hitter for Pedro was
with 2 Outs.

If someone had been on base
then it might have been the time
for a pinch hitter.

I hope Pedro is in our Arsenal
next year.

Thomas said...

Good post. First that I've read that calls out Charlie. That had to be the most bizarre managing I've ever witnessed. No reason for pulling Pedro, then to follow it with a five ring circus was totally inexcusable. I still expect the Phillies to win this series, BUT, if we don't this will haunt us for a very long time.

David said...

Has anyone else been asking "Where's Jimmy?" or "who's that guy playing second for us?" this series? Those guys have got to pick it up if we want any share of repeating. Yesterday's 8th was a travesty, but buried here is how awful Vicente Friggin' Padilla made this line up look, especially Jimmy and Chase.

GM-Carson said...

As Jimmy goes, so do the Phillies. He scores, Phils often win, and by often I mean like 60% of the time.