Friday, October 30, 2009

Mad Gab

Piss poor umpiring has been the story of the 2009 MLB postseason and the another chapter was written last night. 1st base umpire, Brian Gorman, blew 2 calls in back-to-back half innings: 1. the "linedrive" double play and 2. the Utley GIDP. 1. Ryan Howard caught that ball on the short-hop then threw wide to 2nd where Rollins tugged Posada out. It went down as a double play, but in reality Posada should have been safe at 2nd and Damon (the batter) safe at 1st. 2. Gorman must have felt guilty for blowing the previous call because he hosed Utley when he was clearly safe at 1st on went ended up being a rally-killing inning-ending ground into double play.

Home plate umpire, Jeff Nelson, isn't free of criticism either. His strikezone was very liberal at times, especially in the 9th inning with Mariano Rivera on the mound against Howard. Howard was called out on a pitch high and outside. XM's Rob Dibble put it best, "That's a Hall-of-Famer strike. He got that because he's Mo Rivera." Well, then that's just bullshit.

Other Anger Triggers:
*Ryan Howard's 9th inning strikeout was only 1/4 of the story, as he k'd all 4 trips to the plate last night. Have fun wearing that golden sombrero on the trip back to Philly.

*What the hell was Jayson Werth doing getting picked off at 1st base by the catcher?

*Pedro pitched well through 6 innings, but his pitch count was pushing 100, and the Yanks seemed to be getting a better look at his pitches. Why was he brought out to start the 7th inning? It's not like the bullpen was taxed, they hadn't pitched in over a week.

*The aforementioned Utley GIDP could have easily been averted by sending the runners. It's not like it was Feliz and Ruiz on the bases either, it was the Phils top burners in the form of Rollins and Victorino. 1 out, full count, runners or 1st and send them to stay out of the double play. Even Tim McCarver knows that!

*Now the series is knotted-up at a game apiece with the next three games in Philadelphia. Cole Hamels gets the ball Saturday night. Cole Hamels who was 2008 NLCS and WS MVP. Cole Hamels who had a losing record this season and has been ineffective this postseason (6.75 ERA, 6 hr in 14.2 ip). Dammit, he needs to sack up and pitch a good game.



GM-Carson said...

I don't think the umpiring lost the game for the Phils, their bats were silenced last night. And the umpiring was bad for both sides, so who knows what the hell the final score would have been had the calls been made correctly.

I hate to give AJ Burnett credit, that's for the talking heads of the media and the ink of the writers to do, but he was filthy last night was his pitches.

John Boris said...

It makes me feel kind of sour to know that Chooch's double to left center went further than that Matsui homerun. Can these guys practice going the short porch in BP?

GM-Carson said...

The key to this series really is Hamels. If he's able to pitch like he should, the Phils will win and be sitting pretty to take the whole damn thing. He can be timid and have hissy-fits though like he's been all season/postseason long.

ripjgarcia said...

Umpiring may not have lost the game for the Phils, but it certainly didn't help. 4 inches off the plate was a strike to lefthanders all night long. I though MLB brought the cream of the crop to the WS when it comes to umpires. Not in this case.