Friday, October 23, 2009

Ibanez on CNN & Dip Into the Archives

Raul Ibanez was featured on CNN's Latino in America special. The show's host, Soledad O'Brien, sat down with the very talented Philadelphia Phillies' Raul Ibanez. In this clip, Ibanez talk about his family's passion for baseball and how his dream could only come true in America.


Dipping Into the Archives:
One year ago Corey posted a World Series Game 1 recap of the Phillies victory over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Worst Part of the Game- I hate to beat a dead horse with this one, but the combination of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver is atrocious. Buck talks with the arrogance of a man who believes he is blessing the ears of America with his golden voice, although he doesn't really say anything profound, intelligent or even remotely interesting. And as for McCarver, see the next category. He's so bad I almost wish Joe Morgan was doing the game.

Best TB Hitter- I love watching Japanese hitters like Akinori Iwamura (3-4 in Game 1) slap the ball all around the field. That style of hitting limits power, but for small, speedy players like Iwamura, it's very effective.

*We do plenty of complaining about T-Mac, Wheels, and Sarge, but the atrocious asshats in the form of McCarver and Buck are far worse. We'll be forced to listen to them hype up the AL team and constantly downplay the Phils success. Then the Phils will win the World Series while Joe Buck goes into the fetal position, sucking his thumb in the corner.

*I highlighted Iwamura, because I too like him, and think he might be a good fit for 3rd base in 2010. He hits for average, plays solid defense, and has some wheels. I'd much rather have him batting 7th next year than Feliz. Iwamura hasn't played 3rd since 2007, but he's capable to switching back (has been playing 2nd base the past 2 seasons). Feliz has an option for $5M, but picking it would be unwise, because it seems he is breaking down. Now watch him promptly belt a game-winning homerun next Wednesday in Game 1 of this World Series just to spite me.



Andrew said...

I really like Aki too, but he has yet to live up to his hype. When he came over he was expected to be like BJ Upton or Hanley Ramirez and hit 30 HR and steal 50 bases. Either way, I agree he would be a nice fit in Philly and his SB numbers would for sure go up with Lopes training him. I don't necessarily agree cutting Feliz is a good idea, though. I like him, even if he's not bashing 20 HR a year.

Dr. Steve said...

Franzkie and LA are the best announce duo outside of the Flyer's radio and TV staff ANYWHERE. (I mean, the Eagles Radio team ain't bad, and the Sixers radio is good, and their TV is decent. In fact the Phillies TV announcers might be the worst in the city radio or TVwise.)

Can't we get LA and Franzkie on TV? They almost ALWAYS end up using Franzkie's calls even when they have Graham's yawning. And LA is the best colour commentator since Don West. He tells it like it is, he gets angry, he's as biased as all the fans are. It's great. And I won't forget driving in the car during the resumption of Game 5 and listening to Frankzie and LA make inaudible noises, screams, and yells as Utley threw the guy out at home. That was the most classic moment of the series.

Andrew said...

from John Gonzalez of the Inq.:

T.J. Simers

Some of you weren't amused by the L.A. Times columnist or his jokes about Philly. Don't sweat it. It's just shtick, and it's all he has. I mean, how sad is it that he spends his days cracking wise on Page 2 of a dying newspaper?


GM-Carson said...

Aki has a club option at $4.25M with the Rays, but it's believed they'll opt to buy out instead to save money, plus they have Zobrist to play 2nd now.