Saturday, October 03, 2009

Good & Bad September ERAs

Good September ERAs:
1. Clay Condrey- 0.00, hasn't allowed an earned run in over 3 months (although he's been injured a lot of that time). Last time his ERA took a hit was June 18th.
2. Ryan Madson- 2.92, should be the closer for the remainder of the season.
3. Cole Hamels- 3.32, and that's with a rough outing on the 28th (6.2 ip, 6 r).
4. Pedro Martinez- 3.14, solid, but health and stamina are issues.
5. Chad Durbin- 1.98, I've been down on him most of the season, but he's returned from injury quite nicely and pitching effectively.

Bad September ERAs:
1. Joe Blanton- 4.91, his highest month ERA since his dreadful April (8.41), and allowed 5 runs over 6 innings last night.
2. JA Happ- 4.43, his highest month ERA of the season.
3. Cliff Lee- 5.59, and he allowed 3 earned runs over 5.2 innings on October 1st. His location has been off, and his off-speed pitches haven't looked as crisp.
4. Tyler Walker- 6.52, struggling when the Phils need him most.
5. Brad Lidge- 9.00, this is no surprise, as he's gone from hero to zero in this town.
6. Brett Myers- 5.79, along with 1 run in 1 inning on October 1st. Just hasn't been what everyone hoped for upon his return to the team and bullpen.

*Scott Eyre only made 2 appearances in September. His season ERA is 1.55 and he's only been scored upon in 2 out of his 41 games this season, that's remarkable.

Dip Into Our Archives:
From March 6, 2008
In the spirit of past WSBGM's song parodies, I bring to you my rendition of Pearl Jam's Better Man inspired by the uninspiring competition for the 5th spot in the Phillies rotation.

Waiting, watching the game,
It’s the 4th inning, it’s got to stop,
Tell him, take no more, Manuel practices his speech
As he approaches the mound, he thinks it over.
Pretends to take the ball as he looks him over.
Manuel lies and says he’s alright with him,
Can’t find a better man.
Phans dream in color, Phans dreams in red,
Upset we can’t find a better man.
Can’t find a better man.

Talking to himself, there’s no one else who can pitch now,
He tells himself, oh...
Memories back when the rotation was bold and strong,
And waiting for the league to come along.
Swears he knew it was so, but now he swears it gone.
He lies and says he’s okay with him,
Can’t find a better man.
Phans curse in color, Phans are seeing red,
Pissed Gillick can’t find a better man.
Can’t find a better man!

We boo him, yeah...but he don’t want to leave this way.
We need him, yeah...that’s why he’ll be back again.
Can’t find a better man.
Eaton ain’t a better man,
Dos Durbins aren’t better men,
Blackley ain’t a better man,
Can’t find a better man,
Kris Benson is injured and,
We need a crafty veteran,
Or an equivalent to Johan Santana-an,
Kyle Lohse ain’t the answer man,
Where is a better man?!

*Wow, times have certainly changed haven't they?



Bob D said...

Lohse would've been solid if they kept him.

Eyre and Condrey impressive stats

GM-Carson said...

Lohse is okay, but his contract like many 3rd/4th starters is over saturated in money...they were smart to not keep him.

SirAlden said...

Lohse came in and LOST the
2007 Playoffs to Colorado
giving up a GRAND SLAM in relief.

GM-Carson said...

I remember that hit, it was Kaz Matsui. Still hate the both of them for that.

Andrew said...

seems like the Phils (especially pitcherS) have given up playing hard the last two weeks. hopefully they can turn it back on wednesday

GM-Carson said...

Yeah, another loss.

Hope they have that "magic switch" to flip to the "on" position come Wednesday.